Animal Kingdom Games Of Chance

Top Four Survival Tips for the Animal Kingdom Carnival Games

With few exceptions, once you pay to get into a theme park at Disney World, you can enjoy all of the rides, shows, and experiences with no extra fee. Yes, there are a few arcades and a shooting gallery in Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom, and there are tours that require you to dig into your pockets, but they are fairly low key. There aren’t many experiences that scream out for you to pay extra money.

But there is one.

It is the set of carnival games at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

It screams out in the literal sense. The folks who operate the games literally call out to passersby, trying to entice them to part with their hard earned money for a slim chance at winning a prize.  If you think about it, these carnival barkers fit right in with the wonderful Dinoland USA back story.

Some folks like carnival games, and the games can be fun, but when you are at Disney World, there are plenty of other fun things you can do.  Some folks don’t want to be pulled in.

So what’s a guest to do?  Here are four survival tips for dealing with the games.

The Games of Chance literally call out for your attention.
The Games of Chance literally call out for your attention.

1 – Avoid Them

You can choose to completely avoid temptation by staying out of this particular section of Chester and Hester’s Dino-Rama in Dinoland. However, I don’t recommend skipping this land completely.  Cheesy by design, the land has some good stuff, including Dinosaur, TriceraTop Spin, Primeval Whirl, the Boneyard play area, and Chester & Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures.

2 – Decide To Skip Them

Make up your mind and just say “no” to these games. Take time before you enter the area to explain to everyone in your party, especially the little ones, that you are not going to spend time and money on these games and that you are going to save the carnival games for your local fair or Dave & Busters. After all, the rest of the Kingdom awaits – with Finding Nemo The Musical around the corner and Expedition Everest around the bend.

The games are nicely themed but are similar to what you might find at a local carnival.
The games are nicely themed but are similar to what you might find at a local carnival.

3 – Set A Budget

Maybe you are one of those folks who really likes carnival games. If that is the case, set a budget of time and money. Stick to it. Maybe even offer your party a reward if everyone gets in and out in a certain time period or within a certain budget. Mickey Mouse ice cream bars anyone?

4 – Spend Your Dough

Remember that you are on vacation. If your schedule and budget allows, then spend a few hours and more than a few bucks trying to win a stuffed animal that you could have otherwise purchased at a much lower cost of dollars and stress. Whoops!  Am I being too harsh? Actually I enjoy carnival games occasionally myself, but I do suggest that you indulge in that fun somewhere off Disney property; that’s just my opinion.

Do you like the Dinoland USA carnival games?