Top Five Unwritten Disney Rules

Visiting Disney World means being in large crowds even during the slowest times. There are some rules that are well established – and often repeated by Cast Members using a microphone – like avoiding flash photography and staying in your ride vehicle while the ride is in progress.

However, there are some unwritten Disney rules that are just as important to follow. These rules are less for guests’ safety and more for overall enjoyment for everyone, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t equally relevant.

Let’s take a look at the top five unwritten Disney rules:

5. Keep kids at eye level

Being short can be quite frustrating, and parents often resort to hoisting their children up on their shoulders so they get a better view. This certainly solves the issue for the short kid, but it creates a towering structure for those guests around you making it difficult for them to see the excitement.

It’s still important for your kids to see what’s going on, so to solve both problems, hold your child at adult eye level for everyone’s viewing pleasure!

Kids on your shoulders? Not a good idea.
Kids on your shoulders? Not a good idea.

4. Mind your stroller

There are many stroller-parking areas all around the Disney World parks. These designated areas provide ample parking space and are watched by at least a couple Cast Members. There is no excuse for leaving your stroller anywhere you please. In fact, Cast Members are directed to move strollers if they are not in an appropriate spot – especially if it is blocking walkways and entrances. The stroller will be moved to the closest stroller parking lot.

To avoid misplacing your stroller, always park it in a Disney approved stroller-parking area. Otherwise, you might come back to find your stroller has been moved, and you don’t know where it is!

Put you stroller in designated parking spots only.
Put your stroller in designated parking spots only.

3. Watch your language

Disney is a family-friendly company, and the parks are family-friendly locations. Even if you are in a group of adults, be aware that little ears are probably listening to your conversations. Kids are awfully observant!

Keep your language G or at least PG rated. If a Cast Member (or a parent for that matter) hears inappropriate language, they may very well say something! Avoid the embarrassment, and leave your potty mouth at home.

Watch your language!
Watch your language!

2. Be Nice to Cast Members

I get it. You’ve saved up for a year and planned the perfect Disney World vacation, and if something goes wrong, you’re upset. However, that’s no excuse to get nasty with a Cast Member. You may think that making a scene will get you what you want, but it won’t. In fact, you may find yourself meeting security.

Cast Members are more likely to make accommodations if you are polite even if you’re upset. They can and will go above and beyond to make guests happy but only if they feel like they are being treated as an equal.

Disney Cast Members create magic, but they are real people. Treat them nicely.
Disney Cast Members create magic, but they are real people. Treat them nicely.

1. Keep tabs on your children

This may seem like common sense, but it happens more often than you would think. Cast Members are not babysitters, and they should not be expected to watch your kids at any time.

If you want to ride an attraction but your child isn’t tall enough or doesn’t want to ride, use Rider Switch, which allows one adult to ride while the other stays with the child then the second adult goes through the FP+ line.

If you think your child is old enough to explore the parks without adult supervision, it is still your responsibility to stay in touch with them to make sure they are okay. Cast Members are available to help in an emergency of if they have questions, but make sure your kids are responsible enough to behave appropriately on their own.

Do you think fellow Disney Guests have good or bad manners?