Top Five Reasons To Go On a Disney Cruise

Cruise ships have really come a long way over the last several years. They’re like floating cities! They have everything you could ever need to live in total comfort for the entirety of your vacation whether it’s a few days or a couple weeks.

However, some people still think they’re too expensive or they’re not right for their family. In fact, a Disney Cruise has something for everyone.

Let’s take a look at the top five reasons to go on a Disney Cruise.

5. Good Value

It’s true that a Disney Cruise will likely be more expensive than other cruise lines, but you’re paying for the excellent service for which Disney is known.

Although a Disney Cruise is not all-inclusive, it does include many things like your accommodations, much of your dining, and most of the activities on board. You’ll pay for extras like photos, gratuity, and souvenirs, but you’d pay extra for these things on any vacation on land or at sea. Shore excursions are also extra, but you can choose not to leave the ship – there’s plenty to do on board while others are out exploring. Plus, while others are out exploring the ports, you’ll have the ship to yourself (almost!).

Overall, a Disney cruise isn’t inexpensive, but it is a good value for all that you get.

A Disney Cruise isn't inexpensive, but it is a good value for all that you get.
A Disney Cruise isn’t inexpensive, but it is a good value for all that you get.

4. Dining

Just as you’ve come to expect in Disney World, you won’t go hungry on a Disney Cruise. Expect to be wowed with elaborately themed and decorated restaurants serving up a variety of cuisines from standard quick-service fare to fancy five-star dining at upscale table-service restaurants. There’s almost always something open, so you can even get a midnight snack without having to stash snacks in your luggage.

3. Multiple Destinations

When you’re planning a vacation, do you ever have a hard time trying to decide where to go? Maybe you’d like to go to the Caribbean, but you’d like to visit a few islands or an Alaskan vacation sounds fun, but where do you start?

A cruise takes care of all of these concerns for you and gives you an answer to satisfy everyone because you can visit multiple places during one cruise! Plus, you don’t have to pack up all your stuff and switch hotel rooms just to change locations.

What’s more, the cruise does the planning and itineraries for you. You don’t have to worry about what time you have to leave one location to get to another or where you should visit first. Just get on the ship, and enjoy the ride!

2. Lots to do

There’s really a lot to do on a Disney Cruise, and each ship is different. There are theaters, character visits, lounges and bars for the adults, and kids and teens clubs for the kids staffed by Cast Members who are certified to work with children. You don’t have to worry about leaving your kids with a stranger while you enjoy a nice dinner or a day on the sundeck.

The pools on the Disney cruise ships are amazing, and you’ll love the lounge chairs on deck to catch some rays. The Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy even have an awesome water coaster called the AquaDuck that’s the first ever water coaster at sea.

You can rest assured that you’ll never be bored on a Disney Cruise!

1. Family Friendly

As I mentioned, there’s lots to do for cruisers of all ages. Disney Cruises are fun without kids, but they’re lots of fun with the kids, too. While a child must be at least six months old to sail on most cruises, there is no other age limit.

Kids of all ages and interests will love a Disney Cruise, and the Cast Members really know how to keep them entertained. There are nursery areas for the littlest cruisers equipped with plenty of stimulating activities, and kid and teen clubs for the older ones with video games and Internet access. Of course there are always Disney movies playing somewhere, and there are plenty of activities for the whole family.

Have you been on a Disney Cruise?  What did you think?