Top Five Disney World Snack Facts

There are so many snack options in Disney World that it sometimes feels overwhelming. If you have the Disney Dining Plan (DDP), it can be even more confusing trying to figure out how to best use all of your credits.

If you have the DDP or often feel overwhelmed by all the snack options in Disney World, this article is for you!

Let’s take a look at the top five Disney World snack facts.

5. Check out Disney Springs

Whether you’re on the DDP or not, Disney Springs is a great place to find a snack. You’ll find everything from high-end chocolate to soft pretzels and ice cream from a cart. You can and should also try out the cupcake ATM at Sprinkles!

Disney Springs is a great first- or last-day treat since it doesn’t require a ticket to enter the area!

Disney Springs offers many snacking options.
Disney Springs offers many snacking options.

4. Save some money

After you eat a big table-service meal, you might not have room in your tummy for a fancy dessert. Rather than stuffing yourself so much that you won’t be able to fit in the small Space Mountain ride vehicles, skip the dessert at the restaurant. I know; you’re probably thinking that’s impossible since it looks so good, but you’ll thank me later.

3. Take Pictures

The snacks in Disney World are beautiful. To preserve this moment forever, pose for a picture with your Mickey Ice Cream or cupcake. If you can get Cinderella Castle or Spaceship Earth in the background, even better!

Many Disney desserts are both beautiful and delicious.
Many Disney desserts are both beautiful and delicious.

2. Snack your meals

Sometimes you don’t need a full meal. A cinnamon roll from Gaston’s Tavern may do the trick. Since it counts as a snack, you can use your snack credit and save your meal credit for later!

Also, you can use one of your quick-service credits for three snacks. If the whole family wants a snack, but you don’t want to use all of you credits individually, consider using one meal credit and get each person a snack.  All snacks must be purchased at the same location so try a place that has lots of options like Big Top Snacks in Magic Kingdom or Karamel Kuche in Epcot’s Germany Pavilion.

This is an especially helpful tip when Epcot hosts the International Food and Wine Festival and the Flower and Garden Festival. Since most of the food options at the individual stands are considered “snacks”, you can get three selections and make it a meal!

1. Not all snacks are created equally

There are many food and drink items that qualify for snack credits on the Disney Dining Plan, but they’re not all good values.

First, set a cost minimum for snacks that you’ll use the DDP for. My suggestion is that anything less than $3.50 isn’t a good use of your credits. This will almost guarantee that you’ll get the most value out of your credits.

If you’re a fan of Starbucks, you can get your fix in all four theme parks and at two locations in Disney Springs. What’s more, your Venti (large!) Starbucks drink counts as a snack credit! Now that’s a good deal!

There are also iconic snacks like the Mickey Ice Cream Bar, Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich, the fun candy apples, or the elaborately decorated cupcakes. These are the best value for your snack credits! Never use your snack credit on a banana or a bottle of water! That just seems wasteful!

Finally, Disney changes snacks seasonally. The cupcakes, cookies, and apples are decorated differently for every season and holiday, and there are even season flavors like pumpkin in the fall and salted caramel in the winter. If you’re visiting during one of these times, this trick will double your value of the snack credit.

How do you use your snack credits in Disney World?