Top Five Disney World Pet Peeves

Generally speaking, I’m not a big complainer (or at least I would like to think that is the case – my family and friends may have a slightly different opinion). Like most folks, I don’t like listening to others who do complain.

I think that the viral idea of a complaint-free world, where you agree to go cold turkey on complaining for 21 days, is very cool.

I also recently finished reading the classic book Pollyanna with my daughter.  It’s the story about a little orphan girl who finds something good in even the worst situations, and in the process changes her town for the better.  I loved it, and highly recommend it – especially since you can get it for free on iTunes Books.

However, today I am going to discuss my Disney World pet peeves.  Not complaints exactly, but close.

My purpose is not to be a wet blanket, but to share my pet peeves to see if I am alone in this world with my ideas, or if there are others who might feel the same way.

Interestingly, most of these pet peeves aren’t about what Disney does (with one exception), but instead are about other guests.

There is power and comfort in numbers. Maybe, just maybe, someone will have ideas on how to better deal with these issues?

What are your Disney World pet peeves?
What are your Disney World pet peeves?

So with fear of being labeled a complainer, here are my top five Disney World pet peeves:

5 – Someone Butts Ahead For A Parade

Has this happened to you? You stake out your territory for a parade or show an hour before the event begins. You plan ahead so that you can enjoy a good seat and good views. Then, three minutes before it begins, someone butts in front of you, no matter how little space you have left for them. Ugh.

4 – Someone Cuts In The Queue

You are waiting patiently in the standby line for your favorite attraction. Then, someone comes up from behind you saying “excuse me, my friends are up there” (meaning in front of you). They then scoot in front of you, joining their smiling friends or family. I always wonder – why don’t those friends and family go to the back of the line to meet up with their lost sheep?

3 – When It Rains, It Pours

We can’t do anything about the common rain downpours in Florida – it’s just a part of the sub-tropical climate that Disney World enjoys. But when it does rain, as it does very often in the summer, your rain poncho is nowhere to be found. However, Disney will come to the rescue and sell you their plastic rain poncho for $7. That’s the same one you can get at Walmart for 78 cents, minus the Mickey Mouse.

2 – My Line Is the Slowest

Whatever the line, whether for lunch or merchandise, the one I select is sure to be the slowest. But I think this isn’t unique to Disney World, since the same thing happens to me at the grocery store, too.

1 – Bus Transportation Is Slow

Whether you are anxious to start your morning or you are tired and just want to go to bed at the end of the day, it seems that the bus you need to get from or to your resort will be the last one to show up. And if you are especially unlucky, the bus that does arrive will fill up just before you get a chance to get on board. When will Disney expand its monorail system all over the park? I know that will probably never happen, but we can dream…

What are your top pet peeves at Disney World?