Most kids will enjoy the music and color of Mickey's Philharmagic.

Top 11 Attractions at The Magic Kingdom for Little Kids

We all know that Disney World is a great place for kids of all ages, and that even us older kids (sometimes known as grownups) can let loose and hug a mouse or enjoy a boat ride.

However for little kids, special adventures await. Some Disney attractions might still be a bit too much for small kids, but these 11 adventures are terrific ways for your little ones to enjoy a day at the Magic Kingdom park:


Not surprisingly, the vast majority of this list includes attractions located in Fantasyland.

1 – It’s A Small World

What’s not to love about singing and dancing dolls? There is nothing scary and nothing dark – just smiles everywhere and a feeling of world unity. That’s cool for kids of any age.

2 – Peter Pan’s Flight

There are dark scenes, but the sensation of flying high above London and Captain Hook is a reasonable thrill for all but the most skittish kids.

3 – Mickey’s Philharmagic

This one can be loud and takes place in a darkened theater, but seeing classic Disney characters from Mickey Mouse to Donald Duck, from Aladdin to the Lion King, all leap off the screen and come to life in colorful 3D is a good time for nearly every kid.

Most kids will enjoy the music and color of Mickey's Philharmagic.
Most kids will enjoy the music and color of Mickey’s Philharmagic.

4 – The Many Adventure Of Winnie The Pooh

Since most kids probably know the story and characters of Winnie The Pooh, they have an introduction to what they will see in this ride. It does bounce and swerve, and you do go through a simulated rain storm and flood, but generally speaking, this is a timid ride that any kid will adore.

5 – Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid

Whether you’ve got a little girl who wants to be a princess or a little boy who enjoys the things of the sea, the Journey of the Little Mermaid is a slow, colorful, and fun ride. There are a few moments where Ursula the sea witch is doing her evil stuff, but most of what you see is fun and happy;  and of course there is a happy ending with a smooch and fireworks.

 Under the Sea has a few dark moments, but it's mostly kid-friendly.
Under the Sea has a few dark moments, but it’s mostly kid-friendly.

6 – Mad Tea Party

If your kids love it when you hold their hands and twirl them around in circles, they are sure to like the Mad Tea Party. Plus, you get to control the amount of dizziness, which starts at moderate and goes to crazy. Just be sure to take your first few steps off the ride carefully.

7 – Dumbo

A great thing about Dumbo is that your kids can see the complete ride experience before they get on, and they are in control of the up and down movements. The music is fun, and the new queueless-queue makes any wait (if there should happen to be one) more fun than a drag.

8 – The Barnstormer

This is a terrific introduction to roller coasters. It does pick up some speed but in a good way. Most little kids who are tall enough to ride this will love it.


Although many of the best kid’s rides are in Fantasyland, Tomorrowland hosts a good one too.

9 – Tomorrowland Speedway

For adults, driving a car is often seen as another chore on the way to school, work, or the store, but for kids, the idea of being able to drive a car themselves is like a dream come true:  the freedom to do something only adults do. That is why they love the Tomorrowland Speedway. Yes, it’s a low-tech attraction and sometimes has a long wait, strong exhaust smells, and a steering wheel that may or may not obey your commands, but it’s still awesome for them.

Traffic jams and exhaust fumes?  That's a recipe for fun for little ones!
Traffic jams and exhaust fumes? That’s a recipe for fun for little ones!


Last, but not least, Adventureland is a popular spot for young children.

10 – The Magic Carpets Of Aladdin

If your kids like Dumbo, they will like Magic Carpets of Aladdin. It’s essentially the same thing; just swap the circus theme for a middle-eastern theme. Oh yes, the queue is the old-fashioned kind – stand in a snaking line and wait but, fortunately, the wait isn’t normally too bad.

11 – The Jungle Cruise

Unless your little one is afraid of large fiberglass animals like elephants and hippos, they will probably love the Jungle Cruise. It may seem a little tame by today’s fired-up, high-tech entertainment standards, but the idea of a boat ride where you see animals and waterfalls is the idea of a good time for little ones.

Regardless of which ride you choose, be sure to know your children’s interests as well as their fears before taking them on any ride. This will make for a more enjoyable vacation experience for the whole family.

 What are your favorite Magic Kingdom attractions for little kids?