Cool off with fun-loving monkeys.

Top 6 Ways to Cool Off at Disney World

In the summertime, it may get hot where you live, but at Disney World it gets really hot! While the temperatures rarely reach in to the triple digits, the sun is extremely intense, and the humidity makes the heat feel much more extreme.

Fortunately, the planners at Disney World know all about this. They’ve created many different ways to cool off. Here are 6 of our favorite:

1 – Kali River Rapids

While you would think that all the tall trees and foliage would help keep Animal Kingdom one of the cooler places on Disney property, it can actually be one of the hottest. The trees trap the heat and humidity. Fortunately, a ride on Kali River Rapids can take care of that. Your circular 12-person raft climbs a hill and then heads down the choppy Chakranadi River. Disney has kindly placed signs giving you fair warning that you will definitely get wet. If you don’t mind squishy wet shoes, this is a terrific way to cool off.

Kali River Rapids is a great way to get wet - really wet.
Kali River Rapids is a great way to get wet – really wet.

2 – Club Cool

Would you be surprised that there is a place on Disney property where you can get all the free soda pop that you care to enjoy all without charge? That magical place is called Club Cool, and it’s located in the Future World section of Epcot. Sponsored by Coca-Cola, you won’t see your typical Coke or Sprite offerings here. Instead, you will get to try out beverages from around the world – from Italy and Germany to China. Most are pretty good, or at least interesting. One is odd. But you will need to try them yourself.

3 – Casey Jr. Splash and Soak Play

On a hot day, what could possibly be more fun that running under the garden hose to get wet and cool off? At the Magic Kingdom, you can take that concept to new heights. Elephants and monkeys squirt streams of water, inviting you to step in a get wet. It’s a great place with lots of energy and commotion.

Cool off with fun-loving monkeys.
Cool off with fun-loving monkeys.

4 – Splash Mountain

This log flume ride, inspired by Disney’s classic move The Song Of The South, allows you to follow the adventure of Br’er Rabbit. Much of this attraction is indoors until near the end when you encounter the huge plunge into the briar patch. Unlike Kali River Rapids, you probably won’t get soaked on Splash Mountain. Some people walk off with just a few drops of water, and others get a few splashes, but everyone gets a fun ride and a cool landing.

5 – Water Parks

For those who want to cool off by going swimming, Disney offers two amazing water parks – Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. Each is unique in its theme and attractions, but both have plenty of pools and fun water-based rides that will keep you cool on the hottest of summer days.

6 – Ice Cream

While I’m not one to say that it actually has to be hot to enjoy ice cream, there is something special about this soft, sweet treat on a hot day, and Disney offers plenty of places to get ice cream. From carts that sell chocolate-covered vanilla ice cream bars in the shape of Mickey Mouse to the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain at Disney Springs (one of my very favorite spots), you don’t have to go far to find ice cream. While it is technically not ice cream since there no cream in it, many folks swear by the pineapple sensation that is Dole Whip available in Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom and at the Polynesian Resort.

What is your favorite way to cool off at Disney World?