Disney has some of the best queue lines in any theme park with some having interactive games allowing guests to make musical rhythms and even play games with other guests. Even with the most interactive queue lines, the wait get can long, and some people can get frustrated.

Here are ten tips for dealing with lines at Disney World.

10. Listen to the Cast Member’s instructions

Each attraction queue has rules. Some of them are universal for all attractions, and some are specific to certain attractions. I would venture to say that all of them are for your safety.

Specifically, avoid swinging on the queue’s chains or climbing on things. There’s no faster way to ruin your Disney Vacation than to hurt yourself. Swinging on chains or climbing on the decorations could result in a fall and injury to you or those around you.

This is especially common for young kids. To avoid this situation, keep your kids entertained with items from your Disney day bag or just talk to them. Some of the best memories are made talking as a family in the queue lines. What did you just experience? Did you have fun? Are you looking forward to this ride? What will you do next? Do you have a special event coming up like a character dining experience? These topics for discussion can really pass the time.

Waiting in line is a great time to take care of some necessary tasks or talk to your traveling companions.
Waiting in line is a great time to take care of some necessary tasks or talk to your traveling companions.

9. Apply sunscreen

Some queue lines are indoors or have shade, but many of them will have at least some sun. Waiting in line is a good time to reapply sunscreen. The Florida sun is pretty intense, and even shaded areas can have enough UV rays to burn your skin. Instead of taking the time to stop throughout your day, use your time waiting in line to take care of this task.

8. Rehydrate and refuel

Water and snacks are an important part of your day in Disney World. The sun and all of the walking can easily dehydrate you and especially your kids and make you hungrier than you normally would be. Most rides will allow you to have a drink up to the loading area, where there will be trash cans, or you can keep a bottle and snacks in your Disney day bag that you can reseal and keep in your bag all day. This is also a good way to pass the time since every minute is valuable.

7. Don’t get overwhelmed by the crowds

Thinking too much about personal space in Disney World can cause a lot of problems. Even during off-peak times, there are a lot of people. Don’t expect to have very much space around you, and realize that personal space means different things to different people and is especially subjective between cultures. If someone’s children are hanging on your leg or bothering you, feel free to politely ask that they not do it anymore.

Parades and fireworks can be an especially crowded time. Don’t get too worked up if someone is very close to you during these shows. However, if you feel like someone is being creepy or you feel unsafe, notify a Cast Member immediately rather than handling the situation yourself.

6. Go to the restroom before getting in line

Wait times can get very long especially at the most popular attractions. If you have young children, be sure to take them to the restroom before getting in line, but this is good advice for guests of any age. Stepping out of line for a bathroom break is not only risky, but it’s rude to those guests around you. Even worse is the embarrassment of your child having an accident in line or on a ride.

5. Choose your FP+ wisely

The purpose of the FastPass+ is to cut down your wait times. Sometimes you may not be able to get a FastPass+ reservation for attractions with long wait times, so consider other options like using the single rider queue (you can all wait together but may ride in different vehicles) or selecting attractions with interactive queues. You will often find interactive games happening in the Soarin’ queue, and TestTrack has car design stations as part of the queue.

Soarin' has a great interactive queue line!
Soarin’ has a great interactive queue line!

4. Be Patient

Rides often go down unexpectedly, and complaining to a Cast Member will not fix the ride any faster or make your wait any shorter. Be patient and polite to the CMs, and listen to their announcements and instructions. If a ride goes down and they don’t force you to leave the line, it is often in your best interest to stay in line even while many other people are leaving. You will be on the ride quickly once it comes back online.

By the same token, realize that a FP+ line doesn’t move constantly. Complaining to a Cast Member about a slow-moving FP+ line will not make the line go any faster. CMs are well trained to keep both the FP+ line and the stand-by line moving at a reasonable pace. You’re not the only one waiting in line, and you’re not the only one who wants to get on the ride.

3. Stay together

Keeping your party together not only increases the chances that you’ll be on the ride vehicle together, but it also makes things less stressful for other guests who may get frustrated with people joining you after they’ve waited in line for so long or with half of your party leaving for a bathroom break or a snack. Take care of these things ahead of time, and stay together in line unless it’s a real emergency.

2. Explain to your child what the ride is about

Each ride in Disney has a theme, and understanding that theme will make the ride more enjoyable for everyone. When kids understand the magic behind the theme, they will likely understand the magic of Disney as a whole.

Tell the story of the attraction while waiting in line, and everyone will enjoy it much more.
Tell the story of the attraction while waiting in line, and everyone will enjoy it much more.

You should also make them aware of any special circumstances they may encounter on the ride especially if it may scare them. Does the ride have any sudden drops? Does it go backwards or upside down? Is it really fast? Knowing these things ahead of time will save them some trauma later if they’re not ready for it. If your child is too scared to ride, don’t force them to go on a ride. If your child is visibly scared, a Cast Member may even ask them if they want to ride or not. If your child says no, the CM will ask you to step out of line and will not let the child ride. This is a good opportunity to use Rider Switch so one adult can ride while another waits with the child or children. The second adult can then get in the FP+ line instead of waiting in the standby line again.

1. Use your smartphone wisely

Waiting in line can be a great time to update family or friends back home by sending a couple pictures or posting an update on social media. You can also use the MyDisneyExperience app to check wait times for other attractions or make dining reservations or plans for later. Don’t let your smartphone consume your time though. It’s better to make conversation than to focus too much on social media.

What’s your best advice for waiting in lines at Disney World?