Five Tips For Visiting Disney World When You Are Pregnant

Many things are different and special when you are pregnant – from your interests in food to the amount of territory you can cover without tiring out. But one thing that many expectant moms still want to do – and often can do – is go on a vacation to Walt Disney World.

It may not be the same commando “see and do it all” experience you have had in the past, running from one high-thrill ride to another, but it can still be a wonderful time.

Here are five tips on visiting Disney when you are expecting:

1 – Talk With Your Doctor

This article is not meant to be medical advice, so first and foremost check with your doctor regarding your ability to travel and any restrictions on things you shouldn’t do when at Disney World. Only you and your doctor know the details of your situation.

2 – Plan Breaks

I am a big fan of planning breaks when you go to Disney World. After all, you want to have enough energy to stay active throughout your entire vacation, and you don’t want to return home more tired and worn out than before you left (for the most part). Take it easy, consider taking a nap, and plan for extra and extended breaks. Enjoy a few extra minutes in a warm shower to soothe worn-out muscles. Or bring a maternity bathing suit and spend some time in the pool at your resort during the hottest time of the day.

Plan extra time for rest.
Plan extra time for rest.

3 – Drink Plenty Of Water

Everyone should drink plenty of water to stay hydrated in the Florida sun and humidity. That may be even more important for moms to be. Consider keeping track of how many bottles of water you drink on a note card, or using a note pad application on your phone. Since you will be out of your normal routine, it is easy to forget to drink water, or forget how much you have had. Consider going to a local grocery store or ordering a grocery delivery of bottled water. It can be very convenient to have your supply with you in advance, and you can save some money doing this as well.

Be sure to drink plenty of water.
Be sure to drink plenty of water.

4 – Take Advantage Of First Aid

Each Disney park has a first aid and baby care center, typically staffed with a nurse. If you have any questions they can help. Also, it can be a great place to take a break for the heat and commotion of the park, enjoying a few minutes of peace, quiet, and air conditioning even if you don’t have a baby in tow and even if you don’t have an immediate medical issue.

5 – Choose Rides Carefully

Here is a list of rides that pregnant women should not ride:

Many of these rides have high acceleration, the potential for sudden stops, or will otherwise jostle you around in a way that may not be fun or safe.

Even with this list, still talk with your doctor. You may jointly decide that some of these rides are OK, or that even less thrilling experiences than these are still not acceptable. Do not rely on the advice of Disney Cast Members or others – only you and your doctor know your condition.

Even though this is a long list of things you might not want to do, there is a much larger list of things you probably can do.

Disney has many shows that are often overlooked but are fun without bumping your body around. Here are just a few off the top of my head:

And beyond the shows, there are shops to explore and restaurants to experience.

Have you visited Disney World when pregnant, or with someone who was?  Any tips?