Four Tips When Traveling to Disney World With Non-Disney People

If you are reading this article, then you are probably a Disney fan. You might even be a diehard Disney fan – the kind who likes to show up at “rope drop” and stay until the “kiss goodnight” (and if you actually know what both of those terms mean, you definitely are a diehard Disney fan).

If you are part of a family or traveling group going to Disney World that includes only diehard Disney fans, congratulations! Traveling only with other Disney fans solves many problems.

However, if you are a diehard Disney fan and you find yourself traveling with people who are not, things can get complicated.

If you are a big Disney fan, traveling with folks who aren't Disney fans can be challenging.
If you are a big Disney fan, traveling with folks who aren’t Disney fans can be challenging.

Disney fans and non-Disney fans who go on vacation together to Walt Disney World have different ideas about how their vacation should go. This means you will need to come up with a plan that can accommodate everyone: the diehard Disney fan, as well as those who are not.

Coming up with that plan isn’t always easy, but it is possible.

Here are four tips to help you plan a successful vacation for Disney fans and nonfans alike.

1 – Find Things They Like

You want to make sure that everyone taking this vacation has a good time. When you are planning the vacation, spend some time finding out what everyone likes. Even if some of the non-Disney fans don’t like attractions, there are still plenty of activities at Walt Disney World where you might find common ground. Do the folks you are traveling with enjoy shows? If so, check out Cirque du Soleil at Disney Springs. Do you have some guys in your group who enjoy fishing? No problem! Disney offers fishing expeditions. Plan an activity that each person in your traveling party likes.

Even people who don't like the parks can find things they will enjoy at Disney World.
Even people who don’t like the parks can find things they will enjoy at Disney World.

2 – Be Flexible, But Still Make Plans

If the non-Disney fans in your group prefer to sleep in or call it an early night, do your best to be flexible. Sometimes they can have their way, and sometimes you can have your way.

However, it’s not a good idea to give into people who do not like to plan. Like it or not, taking a Disney vacation these days requires planning. If you don’t do some planning in advance, you run the risk of not being able to try out the sit-down restaurants you enjoy, and having to stand in very long lines for attractions. A little advanced planning can make a big difference. Even if your non-Disney fans want to play everything by ear, stand your ground and make some plans. In the end, they will thank you.

3 – Make FastPass+ Reservations

This item is closely related to the previous one. Even if your non-Disney fans have no intention of taking in attractions, you can still make FastPass+ reservations for them. There is no downside to making a reservation. If you don’t use a FastPass+ reservation for an attraction, there is no negative repercussion. My advice is to make FastPass+ reservations for attractions. The worst case scenario is that you won’t use them at all. The best case scenario is that your non-Disney fan well get to enjoy an attraction with little wait and realize they love it.

4 – Split Up

There is no law that says that your entire traveling party needs to stay together at all times. It is okay to split up. Discuss this approach in advance. Perhaps your non-Disney fans want to sleep in late and then hang out at the pool all day. Does that mean that you have to miss out on taking in shows and attractions? It doesn’t have to. Split up. Your non-Disney fans can do what they want to do, and you can do what you want to do. It’s a great technique that allows everyone to get what they want. Plus, you can still come together at certain times and enjoy activities as a large group, whether it is sitting by the pool or taking on Expedition Everest.

Have you ever gone on a Disney vacation with a non-Disney person?  Does did it go?