Gray skies can be an opportunity.

Five Tips for Dealing With Rain on Your Disney World Vacation

Into each life some rain must fall, or so Mr. Longfellow tells us.

When that rain happens to come during your Walt Disney World vacation, it can be a bummer.

If you plan to visit Disney World anytime during the warm weather season (April to September), you can plan for rain, perhaps even every day. Sometimes you will get a sprinkle, but more often you will get a short-lived downpour in the early afternoon.

While most rain in Central Florida comes and goes quickly, that isn’t always the case. Even the Magic Kingdom sometimes has gray skies with all-day soaking rains.

While the rain might depress you initially, it doesn’t have to. In fact, rain can be good news during your Disney vacation. Really.

Since there is a chance you might see rain on your vacation, let’s look at five helpful tips for dealing with rain:

1 – Head To The Parks

While many people will see gray rain clouds as a sign they should leave the parks, you might want to see them as an opportunity. If it is raining, or even if it just looks like rain, people will flood towards the exits. You, however, can take advantage of shorter lines and smaller crowds that bad weather creates.

 Gray skies can be an opportunity.
Gray skies can be an opportunity.

2 – Wait It Out

If you are in the parks yourself and the sky turns gray, it does not mean that you have to leave. If it does rain, there is a good chance it will be short-lived. In addition, many times gray skies look foreboding but never deliver rain to your location. Hang out and carry on having fun.

3 – Brave it

Even if it does actually rain, that doesn’t mean you have to leave. Touring the parks while it’s raining can actually be a lot of fun. However, you need to make sure you’re prepared in advance for this possibility. Be sure to bring your own rain poncho and some type of shoes that will serve you well in the rain, like Crocs. One thing you don’t want to bring with you for a rainstorm at Disney World is an umbrella. The rain in Florida is often strong and can come at you sideways. And umbrella will often do you no good. Either bring a poncho with you or be prepared to pay Disney a crazy price for ponchos they happily sell during rainy weather.

4 – Head to Disney Quest

If you decide that you don’t want to tour the parks during rainy weather, another good alternative is Disney Quest in Disney Springs. For a single price you can enjoy indoors fun all day long.

5 – Visit the Resorts

Another alternative for folks who don’t want to be in the parks during the rain is to visit the Disney resort hotels – especially the Deluxe Resorts. They have plenty of fun to explore including restaurants, shops, arcades, and amazing Disney theming and architecture that you can see nowhere else.

Which is your plan when it rains at Disney World:  carry on or head for the exist?