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Top Four Tips for Making Sure your Smart Phone Survives Disney World

A smartphone is certainly not required during your Disney World vacation, but a smartphone can be a really great asset during your vacation. It can make your visit easier and more pleasant when you have some helpful tools on it.  It is also becoming more and more helpful as Disney relies on apps like My Disney Experience and offers tools like Boarding Groups for the Rise of the Resistance.

That said, a Disney World vacation can be rough on a smartphone. If you’re like most people and you rely heavily on getting information from your phone, you need to know how to protect it.

Here are four tips for making sure your smartphone survives your Disney World Vacation.

1 – Get a good case.

As you begin to pack for your Disney World vacation, you’re probably going to grab a suitcase to pack your stuff in. This suitcase will protect your items as you’re traveling and once you arrive at Disney World.

Your smartphone could use its own suitcase. Most people already have a protective case on their phones because we’ve learned that fixing it is more expensive than just protecting it from the get-go. So grab a case, even if it’s a cheap one, and protect your phone from being bounced around in your bag and during rides.

Protect your phone while you're in Disney World because it can come in very handy!
Protect your phone while you’re in Disney World because it can come in very handy!

2 – Keep your phone charged.

Disney somehow magically drains your battery like no other place on earth. Between constantly searching for Wi-Fi signals (turn off Wi-Fi if you have an unlimited plan) and using the tools that we’ll talk about it a bit, your battery will drain faster than you can say “happiest place on earth”. Since Disney puts all of their information in their app now, you’re going to need to keep your battery charged.

You can get cases that have built-in charging systems, or you can buy an external charger to charge on the go. If you don’t mind being tethered to the wall for a while your phone chargers, you can bring your charging cable. Several quick-service restaurants have outlets available for use, and there’s a spot in New Fantasyland near Rapunzel’s Tower where you can relax on some benches and use one of the many charger ports in this area.

3 – Protect it from the water.

Most modern smartphones provide some level of water protection, but I’m still hesitant to drench my phone. On Splash Mountain in Magic Kingdom you might get wet, and on Kali River Rapids in Disney’s Animal Kingdom you will get very wet.  Florida is also well known for its afternoon showers.

You’re going to need some kind of water protection. You can buy bags created especially for this purpose. They usually come with a lanyard you can wear around your neck. Or you can just a simple Ziploc bag. Whichever one you decide to use, I would suggest taking it out of the bag when you’re not encountering water so your phone doesn’t overheat.

4 – Install the necessary tools and apps before you arrive.

There are some tools and apps that you’re going to want to make sure your phone has before you arrive at Disney World.

First, MyDisneyExperience will provide you with up to the minute information regarding ride times, bus schedules, and more. You can get showtimes, menus, and even find the closest restroom right from this powerful app.

You’ll also want a good weather app. If you know anything about Florida’s weather, you know that it can start raining at any point. While these rains don’t usually last very long, you can use your knowledge of the weather to plan out your day.

Disney partnered with Lyft when they created Minnie Vans, so you’ll want to download the Lyft app in case you need to get somewhere faster than what Disney transportation can do.

It’s also nice to have a location-sharing app on your phones. This not only makes it easy for people in your party to stay connected, but it’s a great way to find your phone if you lose it. With more of our personal information being stored on our phones these days, losing it can be pretty scary.

Finally, most phones have a great camera these days. You can use your camera on your phone and avoid bringing a separate camera. You can even use built-in photo editing software, but you may want to save that for the trip home.

Have you damaged your phone at Disney World?