Jedi Training Acadmey

Top Five Tips for Getting into the Jedi Training Academy

Ever since The Judi Training Academy opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios several years ago, it has been a crowd favorite, and with good reason. This show, which appropriately takes place on a small stage near the entrance of Star Tours, allows children to dress up like a Judi warriors (meaning with a brown robe) and participate in an interactive experience that includes Storm Troopers and Darth Vader himself.

While the show is presented several time each day, it can still be difficult to get into the experience since the number of children who can participate in each show is small, and the show itself is very popular.

Here are the top five tips to improve your child’s chances for participating:

A fun show, the Jedi Training Academy allows kids who sign up in advance to participate.
A fun show, the Jedi Training Academy allows kids who sign up in advance to participate.

1 – Show Up Early to Sign Up

Like so many things at Disney, the early bird gets the worm. If your child has his or her heart set on participating in this show, make sure that you show up at the entrance to the park before it opens with Disney admission ticket already in hand. When the gates open, head straight for sign up area. It is not uncommon for all the spots in the show to be distributed within an hour or two of the park’s opening. Also, note that the assignments tend to start about 15 minutes before the park opens to the general public. This means that if you are staying on-site at a Disney Resort Hotel and there are Extra Magic Hours for Hollywood Studios, this is your best chance to be sure to get a spot.

2 – Bring Your Kids To The Sign Up

This Disney Cast Member must ask your kids a few questions as part of the sign up process to make sure that they are the right age (4-12) and can follow directions to ensure their safety. Because of this, your kids need to be with you when you sign up.

3 – Allocate An Hour

When you sign up, the Cast Member will ask you to show up 30 minutes before the show begins to get instructions and a robe. The show itself lasts about 20 minutes, with a few minutes to wrap up. All totaled, you will need to plan an hour for this experience. Make sure that doesn’t interfere with other plans you might have such as Advanced Dining Reservations. If it does, let the Cast Member know – they can sometimes make changes to accommodate your situation.

4 – Show Up Early For The Show

The viewing area for the show itself tends to fill up and is on a first come, first served basis. Because of this, you will probably want to send one parent to hold a spot at the stage viewing area while the other takes the child to check in for the show.  As a parent, you definitely won’t want to miss your child taking on the dark side.

5 – Consider Being a Back Up

After all the spots for the day are allocated, the Cast Members will give out back up spots – to fill the show for cases when people who have signed up don’t show up at their designated time. These spots are not guaranteed, but they do provide a glimmer of hope if you can’t get a secured spot.

Fun With The Force

The Jedi Training Academy is a fun, interactive experience for children and a kick for kids and parents alike who grew up with Star Wars. Show up early to the sign up process and the show, and enjoy the fun.

Would your kids like to participate in the Jedi Training Academy?