Things You Don't Need At Disney World

Three Things You Don’t Need At Disney World

There are plenty of lists floating around on the internet listing all the things you need to bring on a Disney World vacation. We’ve written them ourselves. But how about a list of things you don’t need?

I have to start off by saying this list is very debatable. There are many people who will disagree, and this list may not be right for your particular situation. However, use it as a starting point for considering things that you can do without.

1 – A Rental Car

If you are planning on spending your entire vacation on Disney World property, you can take advantage of the free Disney’s Magical Express bus service to get a ride from the Orlando Airport directly to your Disney Resort Hotel (be sure to make your reservation for this service in advance – you can’t just show up and use this without a reservation). Once on Disney property, there are busses, boats, and monorails that will get you from one point to another.

You may not need a rental car at Disney World.
You may not need a rental car at Disney World.

Some people feel trapped without a car – like that are being held hostage. Others want to take a day or two from their vacation to explore the sites away from Disney. If either of these cases describes you, consider renting a car for just a day or two from the Alamo desk at the AAA Car Care Center near the Magic Kingdom or the Alamo or National desks at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel.

2 – The Water Park Option

Many people are tempted to add the Water Park And More option to their Disney World tickets. After all, spending some time at Disney’s Blizzard Beach or Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water parks is a blast. However, many people add this option and never use it. They find that they enjoy spending time in the parks, or they simply run out of time. You can always add this option to your ticket anytime before it expires if you decide to use it, so don’t buy it initially unless you have definitive plans to use it.

3 – A Huge Wad Of Cash

If you are staying at a Disney hotel, you can use your room key to charge just about everything to your hotel bill. This can be a bit dangerous since the costs can add up, but it is also amazingly convenient. Unless you normally operate on a cash budget, consider using your room charging privileges to avoid having – and potentially losing – extra cash.

What do you not need when you visit Disney World?