Three Great Walks Around Disney Resorts

For many folks, thinking about taking any steps beyond those necessary to get around the Disney theme parks doesn’t seem to make much sense.  Some sources report that when you are on a vacation at Disney World you will walk between 9 – 15 miles per day! That’s a lot of walking, and often means that there are plenty of tired people with tired and aching feet.

So why would anyone want to plan for additional walks – outside the theme parks – when they are at Disney World?

Why More Walking?

There are plenty of reasons:

It may be hard to believe, but many people actually plan for time to relax on their vacation. They don’t “go commando” every day in the parks, running endlessly from attraction to attraction. Instead, they plan days to just relax. For those folks, taking a leisurely walk on a day set aside for relaxation is a terrific idea.

Other folks are on exercise schedules and want to get some uninterrupted walking time in. Yes, they know they will do plenty of walking around the parks, but it will be stop and go.  That’s not the type of physical exercise they want. They want long, continuous walks.

So to all those folks out there looking for great places to walk around Disney Resorts, we have these three suggestions, all of which you can enjoy at Moderate Disney Resort Hotels:

1 – Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

Coronado Springs is one big resort – with 1,915 rooms spread across three different sections: The Casitas, The Rancheros, and The Cabanas. All these sections are situated around Lake Dorado. The set up is perfect for a walk either around the lake or on the nature walk that wanders across wooden bridges and through forested areas. The tranquil setting and the Southwestern theme will make you feel like you’re a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of Disney World. When you are done with your walk, stop by the Pepper Market for a wide variety of food choices, or the nearly unknown Rix Lounge for an adult beverage.

A stroll around Coronado Resort's Lake Dorado is a fun way to start or end a day.
A stroll around Coronado Resort’s Lake Dorado is a fun way to start or end a day.

2 – Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

There is a walking path at the Caribbean Beach Resort that is nearly a mile and a half long and surrounds Barefoot Bay.  The Bay is actually a 45 acre lake at the center of the resort which transports you to the south seas. The walking path connects all the various guest room buildings with the resort service areas such as guest check in, restaurants, shops, and pool.

Like walking on the sand?  You can do that at the Caribbean Beach Resort.
Like walking on the sand? You can do that at the Caribbean Beach Resort.

3 – Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter & Riverside Resort

Take a walk along the Sassagoula River to enjoy views of the water and the two sister resorts – French Quarter (which celebrates the fun city of New Orleans) and Riverside (with two different sections – Magnolia Bend with its elegant plantation-styled buildings, and Alligator Bayou with its more rustic, country feel). There are plenty of shady areas along the way, and interesting shops and restaurants dot both resorts. If you are tired of walking, you can also rent a boat, bicycle, or surrey bike at Riverside.

Port Orleans has plenty of places to walk.
Port Orleans has plenty of places to walk.

Do you like to take walks around Disney Resorts? Which ones?