Discounts directly from Disney.

Three Discounts Directly From Disney

There are ways to save money on Disney vacations including carefully selecting the time of the year when you will visit and being careful on how you spend money on food.

However, overall, Disney sets the prices for theme park tickets and hotel rooms, so unless Disney decides to offer a discount, you will pay the full rates.

Fortunately, Disney does offer discounts. They aren’t always available, but let’s take a look at three ways you can save money directly with Disney:

1 – Bounce Back Offers

These offers are easy to overlook but are often the best deals that Disney makes available. Look for an advertisement in your Disney hotel room a few days after you arrive. They aren’t always available, so if you don’t see an offer in your room, be sure to ask at the front desk. These deals provide a significant discount on the hotel and dining for your next Disney vacation as long as you book your next trip before you check out. Not sure exactly when you can return to Disney World? The good news is that you can move your dates around and Disney will still allow the discount as long as your trip is within the date range specified in the offer. If you are a frequent visitor to Disney, be sure to look for and take advantage of the Bounce Back Offers.

2 – Dummy Cruise Codes

Normally, the Disney Cruise Lines do not offer many discounts for their cruises, especially for first time travelers. However, using the poorly named “Dummy Cruise Codes,” you can save quite a bit on your second cruise and other future cruises. Just like with the Bounce Back Offers, you need to book your next cruise before your current one ends. You can change the dates and still get the deal. The best part is that the deal can be pretty good – including savings of up to 10% on the room plus a shipboard credit of up to $150.

Bounce Back Codes can be an incredible deal.
Bounce Back Codes can be an incredible deal.

3 – Pin Codes

What is a pin code? It’s a special code that enables a deal.  Disney sends the pin codes to selected individuals through the postal mail or e-mail. These codes are unique to the people they are sent to which means you can’t share them or swap them. Also, the codes aren’t given out to everyone. There really isn’t a way to request these codes or improve your chances of getting them – aside from being registered at Keep an eye on any mail you get from Disney and look for the codes. If you get a code, be sure to check the deal carefully. Often you can get a good price, but sometimes the codes don’t offer any discount at all and are just a technique to get you to book your trip.

It Never Hurts To Ask

No matter what type of discount you might get to use, be sure to ask your Disney agent or your travel agent for alternative discounts that might be available. Sometimes the discount you have in hand may not be the best deal available. It never hurts to ask.

Have you ever gotten a discount on your Disney vacation?