The Six Best Attractions for Early Birds

It may be true that the early bird gets the worm, but what does that have to do with Walt Disney World? After all, when most folks are on vacation, they want to relax and sleep in. They may not get many opportunities for lazy mornings when they are at home.

While you may want to be a sleepy head when you visit Orlando, there are many good reasons not to be.

Early in the morning you will find cooler temperatures, which can be a welcome change in the sweltering heat of Florida. You will find unique early morning views, which can make for amazing sights in the golden light of the early day. You will also find smaller crowds, which will allow you see and do more in your first hour or two of the day than you might be able to do at any other time. You will also give yourself more flexibility, which will allow you to take a mid-day break for a nap or a dip in the pool.

Beyond all those reasons, there are some attractions which are just a bit more special in the morning. The views in the morning light might be more special or the animals may be more active.

Let’s take a look at the six best attractions for early birds:

Animal Kingdom

Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest gives you a great view of Disney property both when you are on your way up the main lift hill as well as when you are stopped for a few moments before sliding backwards into the mountain. These views can be extra nice when you enjoy them early in the morning and golden light floods the landscape.

Conquer Everest early in the morning and enjoy some great views.
Conquer Everest early in the morning and enjoy some great views.

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Many folks say that the animals are more active in the early morning, when the temperatures are cooler and they are rested from a good night’s sleep. I can’t say that will always be true, but seeing the animals on the savannah in the morning makes for a great start to your day in any event. It’s really a wonderful way to start your day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The animals get up early - you should too!
The animals get up early – you should too!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Tower of Terror

The Hollywood Tower of Terror is one of my favorite attractions in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. That moment or two when you rise to the top of the elevator shaft, the doors open, and you look to the outside world are thrilling. They can be just a bit more special when you get a chance to see Disney property by the early light of day, when everything is fresh and new. Enjoy the view, while you can…

Enjoy the view, while you can.
Enjoy the view, while you can.


Magic Kingdom

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

I think that nighttime is a great time to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. As you enter the mine, the images of the dwarfs seem more crisp – they are not washed out by daylight. However, if you can’t ride the Mine Train at night, ride it as early in the day as possible before the strong Florida sunlight has a chance to break into the mine.

Gems shine brightly early in the day.
Gems shine brightly early in the day.

Welcome Ceremony

While this isn’t technically an attraction, the Welcome Ceremony is one of the very best reasons to get up early and head over to the Magic Kingdom. If you’ve never seen it before, do yourself a favor and check it out. The show takes place about ten minutes before the park opens for the day. There is something really special about the singers and dancers serenading you from the train station, and then seeing all the Disney characters arrive on the train as it pulls into the station. It’s fun, inspirational, and really sets the tone for the day. It’s also a great motivation to get up early so that you can get a jump start on your day.

The Magic Kingdom Welcome Ceremony is great!
The Magic Kingdom Welcome Ceremony is great!

Are you an early bird when you visit Disney World?