Epcot Jammitors Drummers

The JaMMitors At Epcot (With Video)

You are walking around Epcot‘s Future World, maybe on your way to Test Track or Mission: Space, and all of a sudden – out of the blue – three guys who look like janitors wheeling trash cans are playing the cans like drums with the expertise, coordination, and fun that could only come from professional drummers.

Making Music

These three gentlemen put on a show that includes turning trash cans, fly swatters, dust pans, and hard hats into percussion instruments that make amazing music.

Disneyland Ties

According to MousePlanet (Source) the concept for the JaMMitors originated with the Trashcan Trio at Disneyland. There are two different JaMMitor groups, one which performs five days per week and one which performs two days per week. In total there are about 15 different drummers in the group, many of whom have drum & bugle corps experience.

The Epcot JaMMitors make music with trash cans.
The Epcot JaMMitors make music with trash cans.