Dumbo Queue Wait

The Future Of Waiting Without Queues? The New Dumbo

Nobody likes to wait in line. It may be one of the biggest complaints about a Disney World vacation – waiting to get into restaurants, waiting to get into shows, waiting to get on attractions. But Disney Imagineeers may have come up with a new way to get you out of lines and into the fun.

Always Popular

The Dumbo attraction has been extremely popular ever since its opening as an original attraction at the Magic Kingdom. Families often waited 30 minutes or more in a traditional queue line, under the oppressive hot Florida sun, for their chance to take a spin.

Two Improvements

The first improvement to the Dumbo attraction is simple. Instead of just one Dumbo ride, there are now two. I’m sure this wasn’t cheap, but it theoretically doubled the ride capacity of this attraction. So more people can ride, while waiting less time to do so.

 The new Dumbo offers an innovative pager system that allows you to have fun instead of walking a traditional queue.
The new Dumbo offers an innovative pager system that allows you to have fun instead of walking a traditional queue.

For the second improvement, Disney has taken a tip from the restaurant industry and applied it in a simple but “why didn’t they think of that before” kind of way to the Dumbo attraction in the new Fantasyland. Much like you check in for a dinner reservation at a restaurant, you check in at Dumbo and get a pager – just like at restaurants, but this one has a decal that makes it look like a ticket.

Now, instead of walking back in forth in a queue, you can explore an air conditioned playground area while you wait. This keeps you out of the sun, entertained, and enjoying the “opening act” of the attraction.

Different – And Probably Much Better

Disney has recently upgraded a number of Magic Kingdom queue lines – specifically adding the “interactive cemetery” (yes, there really is such a thing) at the Haunted Mansion, interactive play areas at The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh, and interactive games in the long hall leading to the load area of Space Mountain. But all these are ways to entertain along the way of what is still a traditional queue – a way for you to better enjoy the same process of walking in a single file line.

The Dumbo queue takes a different approach – eliminating the single file line altogether. This seems simple and brilliant.