Tangled Rest Area Opens In Fantasyland (Photos, Videos)

New restrooms, open spaces for sitting and recharging your electronics, and new paths for traffic flow make for a nice expansion.

Disney World continues to complete projects as part of the huge Fantasyland expansion. The latest is the opening of the new rest area based on the Tangled movie.

The area does not include any new attractions, shows, or meet and greet locations (although it seems that this would be a perfect way to create a place to see and visit with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from the movie).

Instead, the area includes an expansive set of men’s, women’s, and companion bathrooms. Normally a new set of bathrooms isn’t a big deal, but as with all things Disney, these are special.

The buildings that hold the restrooms and the surrounding area are highly themed with great detail. There are hanging banners and lanterns, posters featuring characters from the movie, and even a waterfall and creek that add a sense of peace and calm with the flowing water. In the distance you can see the tower where Rapunzel lived.

A Place To Sit

In addition to the restrooms, there are tables and chairs for just hanging out. These are also nicely themed, made to look like barrels and tree stumps.

In a first for Disney, there are electrical outlets where you can sit and recharge all your electronic devices like phones, cameras, and tablet computers. The outlets are cleverly hidden behind a door in the tree stumps.

Tangled Rest Area Photos

Let’s take a looks at some of the great details in this area:

The new Tangled rest area has plenty of great detail.

The new Tangled rest area has plenty of great detail.

A flowing stream makes the area peaceful.

A flowing stream makes the area peaceful.

Posters reference characters from the movie.

Posters reference characters from the movie.

Rapunzel's Tower in the background.

Rapunzel’s Tower in the background.

Relax and sit down for a while.

Relax and sit down for a while.

Do you see where you can recharge your phone?

Do you see where you can recharge your phone?

The outlets are hidden behind the door - and are free to use.

The outlets are hidden behind the door – and are free to use.

New Pathway Should Relieve Congestion

As part of this new expansion, there is now an additional pathway that connects Fantasyland to Liberty Square and the Haunted Mansion. In the past, when going from Liberty Square to Fantasyland, you needed to take a path to the right of the Yankee Trader shop that passed under a second story overhang of the Columbia House restaurant. Now, there is an additional path open between the Yankee Trader and the Haunted Mansion – making more areas that allow movement between Fantasyland and Liberty Square – and providing a way to even out traffic flow.

Tangled Rest Area Videos

Here are two videos, walking the new path from Fantasyland to Liberty Square, and also from Liberty Square to Fantasyland. You can see the new path is wide open with plenty of great things to see along the way.

Walk from Fantasyland to Liberty Square using new Tangled pathway.
The background music is specific to the Tangled area.


Walk from Liberty Square to Fantasyland using new Tangled pathway.

For People And Vehicles

Interestingly, in addition to having traffic flow issues in this area during the day, I once heard that this area of the Magic Kingdom was problematic for park operations at night. The only path between Fantasyland and Liberty Square, which went under the Columbia House restaurant’s second story, had a low overhang that prevented trucks and other service vehicles from easily getting from Liberty Square to Fantasyland (and vice versa). The new layout and paths should help not only pedestrian traffic while the park is open during the day, but also Disney park operations vehicle traffic when the park is closed at night.

What do you think about the new Tangled rest area?



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  • Gilbert Henry

    I love the idea of a peaceful place to sit, under the trees. And the idea of a spot with easy-to-access electric outlets is wonderful. I guess we will all need to keep our phones charged up to use all the NextGen features on our phones. 🙂

  • Marrissa Newman

    I love this idea also wondering when you went because there where no lines

    • hleibac

      I was there first thing in the morning. You have to get up early, but the crowds are low then. During busy times you can often see more in the first two hours of the day then all the rest of the day combined.

  • Katrina Siekierka

    I was just there thursday and it wasn’t open 🙁 I win for closest to missing an attraction!

  • Kelli Crackel

    Love it! I can’t wait until we can go back for a visit so we can see the new areas.

  • LT

    When does it open?

    • hleibac

      It is open now.

  • Michelle

    Going end of April and was concerned about battery life on my smart phone due to Disney apps, texting picture to fam/friends at home and so on. This is going to be a life saver. Thanks for sharing!

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