Talks Underway For Disney Train Station Connecting to Miami, Tampa

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Brightline and Walt Disney Co. officials are in advanced talks for a train station to be built on or near the resort.

According to Michael Cegelis, Virgin’s executive vice president for infrastructure, talks are far along.

The station, whether built on or near Disney property, would be part of a proposed rail line to Tampa.

Disney officials noted that they have not made a commitment to the project, but hat they are formally exploring options.

Rail Station would provide another option for travel

If the talks lead to construction of a Walt Disney World rail station, guests would have yet another option in traveling to and from the resort. It promises to be a quick and cost-effective way to bring guests to and from the Orlando International Airport.

New train service may be coming to Disney World.
New train service may be coming to Disney World.

Officials believe that with millions of visitors from out of state, plus the 21 million Florida residents, the addition of another car-free option would be a welcomed choice.

Negotiations are ongoing. Stay tuned for updates on the story.