T-Rex Restaurant Disney Springs

The T-Rex Restaurant in Disney Springs is an interactive dining experience full of prehistoric excitement. Although it takes its name from the most famous of all prehistoric predators, the impressive design of this restaurant is by no means limited to the mighty Tyrannosaurus. Many Dinosaur species as well as other prehistoric life and environments make this restaurant diverse, exciting, and full of surprises.

The T-REX Restaurant is the creation of Landry’s Inc, the restaurant company that also brought the world the Rainforest Cafe. However, while Rainforest Cafes can now be found in many locations, T-REX at Disney World is one of only two locations worldwide.

A Prehistoric Atmosphere

Above the T-REX sign outside the restaurant, a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Triceratops help to announce the restaurant’s presence. The sign sits amid a rocky exterior, with a waterfall flowing down into a pool. Visitors can spot another dinosaur playing in the pool – a Parasaurolophus, with its distinctive horned crest. This dinosaur, along with the other creatures to be found inside, are all identified with plaques, so that guests can learn about prehistoric species in addition to enjoying the atmosphere.

There are several different dining rooms at the T-REX Restaurant, each with an awe-inspiring floor to ceiling design. One room resembles a prehistoric jungle, full of towering palms and numerous dinosaur and pterosaur species that move and make noise. Additionally, the room has bellowing woolly mammoths, giant prehistoric bugs, and other impressive but long extinct species.

The Ice Cave represents the coming of the ice age, and features towering walls of ice with gigantic icicles emerging from the roof of the cave. Trapped in the ice is a large Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, imprisoned for thousands of years after the ice advanced over what was once temperate zones.

At the center of the bar area is an enormous 4500 gallon fish tank featuring numerous aquatic species. The tentacles of an enormous octopus spread out over the ceiling of the bar area, while fantastic glowing jellyfish species and other denizens of deep and shallow ocean water complete the scene.

T-REX Restaurant Downtown
The T-REX Restaurant is a fun, but rowdy, place to enjoy classic American food.

Diners can watch meats being roasted while plumes of flame erupt from the top of the Kitchen of Fire, and the tables themselves feature designs resembling imprint fossils of fish and other small prehistoric relics. Even the restrooms (She-Rex and He-Rex) are decorated with ancient artifacts. Periodic “meteor showers” pass overhead to add even more drama to your dining experience.

Whatever part of the restaurant you are seated in for your meal, don’t neglect to walk around the rest of the cafe before you leave. It is worth taking the time to explore the different rooms and corners of T-REX, and taking a camera to record the more impressive sights.

The T-REX Menu

This family restaurant serves both lunch and dinner, and impressive names such as the Layers of the Earth Lasagna spice up otherwise recognizable classic of American cuisine. A wide selection of steak, chicken, pasta dishes, sandwiches, and soups round out the menu. There are a fair number of vegetarian options, a several dishes starring shrimp for those who eat seafood.

The bar area at T-REX looks like an underwater
scene, complete with a huge blue octopus.

Guests may order from the menu or visit the Boneyard Buffet, featuring meats roasted on the spot as well as a variety of sides. The restaurant also has a children’s menu with smaller portion sizes and familiar dishes for picky eaters. To finish off the meal, the T-REX Restaurant offers an impressive dessert selection for visitors with sauropod-sized appetites.

The Paleo Zone

When the meal is over, the fun can really begin for young visitors to the T-REX Restaurant. The Paleo Zone is part of the extensive gift shop, and provides kids with the opportunity to have a hands-on learning experience, or leave with a unique souvenir.

Discovery Dig is full of bones buried beneath layers of sand, and enterprising your paleontologists can grab a shovel and a brush and venture out to see what they might unearth. If that doesn’t satisfy the urge for dino discovery, kids may also visit the mine and pan for treasures in Discovery Creek. Gems and fossils are some of the items that lucky miners might sift from the ordinary earth.

For another fun learning experience, kids can use the interactive Paleo Screens – touch screens with information and games to help kids learn about prehistoric animals and environments.

Build-A-Dino Workshop

The Build-A-Dino workshop is an offering by the popular Build-A-Bear Workshop. Build-A-Bear allows guests to design a custom teddy bear from top to bottom and participate in the stuffing and stitching process. In the same way, Build-A-Dino allows kids to select a dinosaur or other prehistoric creature, stuff and stitch their new toy, and even dress their dino in the clothing of their choice.

Build a dino
On your way out of the restaurant you can build your
own dinosaur at the Build-A-Dino workshop.

Getting To The T-REX Restaurant

Guests of the Disney Springs Resort Area, which features numerous Disney and non-Disney owned hotels, have easy access to all of the dining opportunities that the area has to offer. Most restaurants and shops can be reached on foot, and other can be reached via a boat ride along one of the many waterways. Guests staying in other parts of the Disney World property, including Disney resort hotels, can catch a bus in order to take advantage of everything that Disney Springs has to offer.

Pros and Cons

With several different dining rooms and closely packed tables, the T-REX Restaurant boasts seating for nearly 1000 people. It is huge.  As you might expect, that many guests translates to a noisy and bustling environment. Even the animatronic prehistoric creatures can make their voices heard, so the T-REX Restaurant not the best place for a quiet conversation. It also means that guests should not expect constant attention from their servers as they would at a more exclusive restaurant.

Even so, the T-REX Restaurant is an exciting family dining experience, and many diners feel that the impressive environment justifies the rather high price of the food. While not an ideal destination for couple, families and kids looking for a special dinner and a unique location should have a great time here.