There are many things that make Disney a very magical place, but the germs brought in by thousands of guests daily are not one of them.

Here are five ways to stay healthy on your Disney vacation.

1. Keep your hands clean

Keeping your hands clean is a simple way to ward off those germs. Shaking hands with and hugging characters, grabbing door handles, holding onto the lap bars, and touching everything else that everyone else touched can mean a breeding ground for germs.

Washing your hands regularly and using paper towels to grab door handles can go a long way. Sanitizing wipes and gels can help too when you’re not near or don’t want to take the time to visit a restroom. As a rule, wipe down after each ride or attraction, and wash your hands and arms well before eating. You should also avoid touching your face, mouth, or nose.

Wash your hands frequently to avoid spreading germs.
Wash your hands frequently to avoid spreading germs.

2. Stay hydrated

Water is probably the most important thing to pack in your Disney day bag- yes, even more important that your Mickey ears! The amount of water you’ll need depends on your gender, age, and health, but a good rule of thumb is at least 64 ounces a day. Water regulates blood pressure, eliminates waste, protects organs and joints, and controls body temperature helping to prevent dehydration and heat stroke. Don’t let a lack of fluids ruin your vacation! If you don’t like water, try milk, soy beverages, or 100% fruit or vegetable juices. Be careful not to drink the sugary drinks like fruit-flavored beverages and soft drinks.

3. Protect yourself from the sun

The sun in central Florida can be quite intense, and a sunburn is not a souvenir you want to bring home with you. Apply sunblock before you leave your hotel room in the morning, and reapply it every couple hours. You should also reapply after water rides or a good rain (if you got really wet) and even more regularly if you’re visiting the water parks.

The Florida sun can be intense! Be sure to protect your skin!
The Florida sun can be intense! Be sure to protect your skin!

4. Get your rest

A vacation is for resting, right? It’s impossible to see and do everything in Disney World in one vacation no matter how long you plan to stay, so don’t even try. Sleep is important for reducing stress and keeping you sharp and focused.

Taking a mid-day break for a quick power nap at the hotel can be the best way to rejuvenate. Crowds and temperatures are at their peak during the height of the day, so do yourself a favor and head back to your resort for a little rest. Also consider sleeping in after a late night of watching fireworks or schedule a resort day. There is plenty to see and do at your resort, so don’t overlook this opportunity for a relaxing day.

5. Be aware of the bugs

Yes, some of the worst bugs in the US are in the south, but bed bugs can be anywhere! It seems like this has been a bigger problem recently, and it’s something you should be aware of. Although Disney has a great record of keeping their resorts clean and free of these unwanted guests, bed bugs don’t take up residence just in dirty places like many think. Bed bugs can travel on luggage, so they can be brought in from just about anywhere.

Check your bed including the comforter and the sheets. Pull the sheets up and check between the ribbing and the mattress. Also check behind the bed and under the couch cushions. If you find something or think you might have found something, report it immediately. Disney hotel employees have a protocol for this, and they will take care of it faster than you can put on your Mickey ears. They’ll move you to a different room, clean your luggage, and decontaminate the room.

Have you ever gotten sick on a Disney vacation?