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Starring Rolls Closes in Hollywood Studios

As Disney’s Hollywood Studios goes through a huge renovation project, another quick-service restaurant closes its doors.

Starring Rolls opened on May 1, 1989 with the rest of the park, then known as Disney-MGM Studios. The restaurant has a cute and cozy outdoor patio with tables and umbrellas, and they served up tasty sweet treats like pastries, tarts, and amazing cupcakes. While this was a great place to grab a snack, you could also find soup, salad, and sandwiches at lunchtime if you needed something a little more to get you through the day.

Good bye Starring Roles. I hope you return!
Good bye Starring Roles. I hope you return!

The now shuttered bakery isn’t all lost though; you can find some of the fan favorites at The Trolley Car Café, which serves Starbucks too.

Disney didn’t say why Starring Rolls closed. It doesn’t seem that it would be in a location that would interfere with either the slowly evolving Star Wars Land or the planned Toy Story Land, and it still fits the anticipated theme of the park even as we’re expecting a name change upon completion of the renovations.

While this is just speculative, I’m hoping that Disney updates the restaurant and reopens it. It was a great place to grab a quick breakfast and rest for a minute before taking on the day in the Studios.

Will you miss Starring Rolls, now closed at the Studios?