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Five Special Christmastime Events At The Swan And Dolphin Hotel

If you are planning to spend part of your Christmas holiday at Disney World, you’ve got lots of choices for special Christmastime events and fun. Beyond what is happening in the parks (like the Osborne lights and the special decorations on Main Street), you can also experience some fun events at Disney hotels.

The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin hotels are located on Disney property, a short boat ride or manageable walk from Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. While they aren’t directly owned and operated by the Disney company, and don’t offer exactly the same benefits of a Disney operated hotel, they are very nice places to stay at decent rates.

The hotels offer the five special events at Christmastime – events that you can’t get elsewhere on Disney property:

1 – Chocolate Santa

I know that Santa needs to shed just a few extra pounds that he’s picked up by eating Christmas cookies, but that is nothing next to the life-sized statue of Santa made completely out of chocolate! The hotel’s pastry chef really goes all out, using well over 1,000 pounds of chocolate to make the statue. When you compare the real Santa to the chocolate Santa, I guess you can say the real Santa doesn’t have much to worry about in the weight department.

It's hard to believe, but this life-sized Santa is made completely out of chocolate
It’s hard to believe, but this life-sized Santa is made completely out of chocolate

2 – Meet Santa and Mrs. Claus

Yes, you can see the jolly old man in plenty of places, but where else can you visit him and the misses as they are relaxed and wearing their vacation clothes, hanging out in a Tiki hut? We know that Mr. Claus is very busy this time of year, but even he needs an occasional break. Visit him while he is taking a few moments to relax on selected evenings in December.

3 – Christmas Tree Lighting

Part of the fun of looking at a Christmas tree is lighting it up. Why not celebrate that special moment more than once? On selected evenings, Mrs. Claus hosts a special tree lighting ceremony. She shares snacks to make it extra fun.

4 – Tuck In by Elves

All kids like to be tucked into bed, nice and tight, before drifting off to sleep. Normally this is a job for mom or dad, but for a special evening you can invite one of Santa’s Elves to take over the job. The prepared Elf will read a story and bring along a glass of milk and some cookies, together with a little toy.

5 – Decorate Deserts

What is Christmas without a chance to decorate Christmas cookies? I’ve you’ve decided to spend your Christmas at Disney World, you don’t have to give up the chance to decorate some deserts. Check in with the hotel staff for special desert decorating events hosted in the hotel lobby.

Great Christmas Fun

If you plan to stay at the Swan or Dolphin, be sure to check out the special Christmas events, and enjoy! You can check out the Santa’s Favorite Resort web site for more details (Beware for some crazy reason those folks have decide to play music on the background of their site. Ugh!)

What do you think about the Christmas events at the Swan and Dolphin?