Solo Parent Disney World

Three Tips For Traveling As A Solo Parent to Walt Disney World

Although Walt Disney World is a Mecca for children, the logistics of visiting the resort with children can be challenging. Those challenges are often exponentially greater when you are traveling to Walt Disney World as a solo parent.

However, it is possible to not only survive as a solo parent but to have a wonderful Disney vacation experience. All you need is a bit of planning and preparation, some help from your children and the Disney team, and a strong dose of the right attitude.

Here are three tips to make the journey more enjoyable:

1 – Identify Problems And Prepare For Emergencies

You won’t be able to avoid every problem, but having a good idea of what all the problems and challenges might be will help you to minimize them. You can brainstorm strategies for resolving those issues and formulate an overall plan of attack.

Traveling as a single parent does pose some special challenges.
Traveling as a single parent does pose some special challenges.

Perhaps the most common and most frightening situation that parents face is getting separated from their children in the crowded theme parks. With only one set of eyes and arms to keep track of your kids, this risk is a bit greater when you are the lone parent. Make sure your children know where to go by pointing out a designated meeting place when you first enter the park. You should also make sure that they know who to approach for help by pointing out cast members with name tags.

Another big risk is the melt down, which can try the nerves of two parents.  Different parents have different approaches to dealing with different kids when it comes to tantrums or bad attitudes.  Think about what you will do if this happens to you.

2 – Get Help

Disney prides itself on its customer service, and for the most part they justify that pride. As you are planning your solo parenting vacation, reach out to the Disney World cast members to find out the ways that they can help you. Resort staff can help you to transport your luggage and make sure your room is stocked with everything you need, while them park staff can help you with logistics, problem solving, locating, or encouragement.

Another group of people you want on your side during your vacation are your kids. You won’t be able to prevent all frustration and dissension during your vacation, but explaining the situation and the challenges you will face will help them to be ready. Lay down some basic ground rules and compromises ahead of time, and make sure they understand ways in which this vacation might be different from previous trips with multiple adults. You can also ask them to give feedback once the vacation has begun, and ask for help planning the remaining days.

3 – Find Time for Yourself

When you are a lone parent at Walt Disney World, it will be much more difficult to find time for yourself. You can’t ask your partner to take over while you enjoy an attraction on your own or rest your feet, so most of your daylight hours are going to be 100% kid focused.

You might also consider dropping the kids off at child care one evening so that you can enjoy a show, some late-evening theme park time, or something else you haven’t had the time to do – like a visit to a spa for some pampering. After all, it’s your vacation, too!