Snack Day In The Magic Kingdom

If you’ve ever been to Walt Disney World and used one of their dining plans, you’ve probably run into this problem. Your trip is scheduled for 6 nights, but you have 7 days in the theme parks. The Disney Dining Plan allows one day of dining per night stayed, so that means you and your family may have an entire last day in the theme parks but you won’t have any dining credits left to use. Sure, you could pay for entire meals for you and your family all day (I’m not going to recommend not eating since that wouldn’t solve anything!) OR…you could do what I do with my family when this situation pops up. You can have a Snack Day In The Magic Kingdom!

Breakfast Shmreakfast

My first bit of advice here is to avoid eating breakfast at your resort and get to the Magic Kingdom as soon as possible (at least 20 minutes before the Welcome Show). There are SO many breakfast snacks available in the parks, but my favorite stop for a breakfast snack is the Main Street Bakery. Yes, it’s a Starbucks now (sorry, Disney purists!) but the menu still has a lot of the old school Disney favorites that have been around for decades. You and your family can grab a chocolate croissant, a blueberry scone, or even a cupcake or cake pop (still counts as breakfast, it’s kind of a pastry!) and share them all with each other. It’s a fun way to start your morning off, you won’t have to slow down on your last day, and you’ll be full and ready to ride some headliners!

Pre-Lunch Snack (Let’s Call it Prunch)

After riding some classic Magic Kingdom attractions and doing all that walking (and when the rest of the MK is going to start looking for restaurants for lunch), you’re going to all be ready for your Prunch snack. I have three words for you: Corn. Dog. Nuggets. These little beauties can be found at Casey’s Corner at the end of Main Street USA. Yes, they’re delicious, easily shareable, and you can eat them on the go. They’re perfect for your Prunch snack and all those carbs (in the batter, of course) will give your body the shot of energy it needs to keep on going (I know what I’m talking about, I’m a marathon runner!)

Corn dog nuggets - a snacker's best friend.
Corn dog nuggets – a snacker’s best friend.

If corn dogs aren’t your thing, you might have to stop by Sleepy Hollow Refreshments in Liberty Square where you and your family can share several different types of waffle sandwiches. There’s one with buffalo chicken, one with Nutella and fruit, and even one with ham, prosciutto, and swiss cheese. These are pretty big sandwiches that can easily be shared by two or three people so I guarantee you won’t be hungry after your Prunch snack!

The waffles at Sleepy Hollow are little hidden gems.
The waffles at Sleepy Hollow are little hidden gems.

Parade Snack

You’re going to start getting hungry again around parade time (3 o’clock is what the Magic Kingdom schedule says, but where is that parade?), so it will be time for your Parade Snack. While everyone else is fighting the crowds on Main Street USA, I’d recommend that you and your family walk on over to Fantasyland and check out the Friar’s Nook. Here you will find a few different macaroni and cheese dishes including the World Famous Pot Roast Mac & Cheese. Grab a few forks and dig in because there’s nothing like this one anywhere else in the Magic Kingdom (or elsewhere on WDW property, really!) If you’re not a big fan of the pot roast (you should be, but to each his or her own!), there is also a regular Macaroni & Cheese and a Barbecue Chicken Macaroni & Cheese. They are all fantastic options and you’ll be able to share one and maybe knock out a Fantasyland ride or three while the Festival of Fantasy Parade is making it’s way down Main Street.

Pot Roast Mac & Cheese is a Disney classic.
Pot Roast Mac & Cheese is a Disney classic.

After Dinner Snack

Because you’ve been snacking all day, you won’t have to stop riding attractions and seeing shows and sights while everyone else in the park is looking for a spot for dinner. But, you will probably get hungry again (SO much walking!) and you’ll need that after dinner snack to carry you through the rest of the evening. And there’s only one place to get a classic Disney snack to close out your eating in Walt Disney World: that’s right, the Fruit Cart on Main Street for a dill pickle! No, I’m kidding, of course (but those pickles are awesome)! Where else would you finish up your snacking but at Aloha Isle in Adventureland for a Dole Whip?! They are so popular that Disney recently moved the Aloha Isle stand to a larger location because the lines would often be so long that they clogged the walkways in Adventureland! You and your family can grab a bunch of spoons and a few Dole Whips (better idea, everyone can get one!) and sit and talk all about how much fun you had on your WDW vacation, especially on Snack Day!

Dole Whip is so good they make t-shirts about it.
Dole Whip is so good they make t-shirts about it.

Thank you for reading and following along on my Magic Kingdom Snack Day adventure. If I missed any, please tell me, what is YOUR favorite or go-to snack in all of the Magic Kingdom? Please tell me in the comment section here or email me your fave at I’m looking forward to hearing which ones I’ve missed or maybe haven’t even tried yet!

Does a day of only eating snacks in the Magic Kingdom sound good to you?