Disney's Hollywood Studios at night.
Disney's Hollywood Studios at night.

Hollywood Studios Adds New Smart Security Scanners

Disney has always been a company that invests in new technologies, from the first movies with synchronized audio to the latest computer systems today.   One of the new technological advancements Disney is investing in now is the use of a contactless security screening process for guests and their bags.

For those of you who have been to a Disney park in recent years, you’ll remember that in the past you had to remove your belongings from your pockets and open your bag for manual inspection by a Cast Member.

Disney's Hollywood Studios has started using a new security technology.
Disney’s Hollywood Studios has started using a new security technology.

Now, Disney is starting to use new technology.

Disney has already installed the new screening machines at the Animal Kingdom main gate as well as EPCOT’s International Gateway. Recently, the scanners made their way to Disney’s Hollywood Studios as well.

Although there are only a handful of scanners operating, it is clear that Disney can significantly minimize wait times at security checkpoints once the new system is fully up and running.

At this time, the system only works for those guests carrying reasonably small bags. Guests with larger bags will still be forced into the original system of Cast Members checking the bags off to the side.

New Security Screening Technology

The new screening process is very high-tech.

With the new scanning process, guests will be able to keep their property on their person and simply walk through. The smart technology is able to detect banned or questionable items on the person using millimeter-wave sensors and artificial intelligence from a company called Evolve Technology.

The new scanners cut down (and at times completely remove) any contact between guests, their property, and Cast Members. Quicker lines and contactless protocols is a huge plus in today’s environment.

Animal Kingdom's also uses the Evolve Technology security screening machines.
Animal Kingdom’s also uses the Evolve Technology security screening machines.

If the new bag checks prove to cut down on wait times and crowd size, we fully expect the system to be rolled out on a larger scale.

Excited for Disney’s new high-tech security machines – just walk through?