Disney Skyliner

Skyliner Takes Flight July 15, But Parking Trams Stay Grounded

Today Disney issued a press release regarding resort transportation plans for the reopening of Disney World.

Disney monorail and buses will provide separation between guests using physical barriers and social distancing.  Disney has installed partitions in monorail cabins.

Disney will require that guests maintain social distancing on watercraft.

The Disney Skyliner will reopen on July 15.  Each gondola cabin will hold just one party.

The Skyliner takes flight again on July 15.
The Skyliner takes flight again on July 15.

Disney will not operate parking trams.  Guests will walk from their parking spots to the park entrance, and parking attendants will keep an empty parking space between cars.  Auto plazas will offer cashless payments.

Skyliner returns, but parking trams won’t.  Will you use Disney transportation soon?