Six Safety Tips For Disney World

Disney World is a magical place. Sometimes we think that entering Disney property also means leaving the real world, with all of its real problems, behind. While you might be able to leave your cares behind when you enter the Disney world of fantasy and storytelling, Disney is still very much part of the real world.

Disney understands the importance of safety. In fact, all Disney cast members are instructed in the four pillars of Disney customer service, which are listed in priority order: safety, courtesy, show, and efficiency. Safety is first for a reason. No matter what other great things might happen on a vacation, if you don’t have a safe experience, then you have surely had a bad experience.

While Disney cast members help ensure safety, it is also your responsibility as a visitor to Disney World to play your part in ensuring a safe experience for yourself.

Here are six tips on how you can ensure your own safety, and the safety of your family and friends:

1 – Watch Your Kids

Perhaps one of the most important ways to help your kids stay safe is to talk with them before you enter the parks. Talk about what they should do if they feel threatened or get lost. Explain how to identify a Disney cast member (by their name tag) and discuss that they can ask a cast member for help. Also, make a plan on what to do if they get lost – older kids can remember and reconnect with you at a pre-determined meeting location.

Some common sense safety tips can help ensure your trip is enjoyable.
Some common sense safety tips can help ensure your trip is enjoyable.

2 – Lock Up

Even in most safe neighborhoods, people know that they should lock their front door and their car doors. This is still true at Disney World. It might seem like no big deal to prop open your hotel room door as you make a quick run to the ice machine, but it’s just not a smart idea. Not only can someone duck into your room looking for valuables, but someone with more sinister motives could get into your room and still be there when you return.

3 – Store Your Stuff

You don’t want to extend an offer to thieves to take your valuables by leaving them out in plain view. If you need to leave anything valuable in your car, but sure to stow it in your trunk or glove compartment. The same goes for valuables in your hotel room – put items in the safe in your room or the hotel lobby. Keep your cameras, phones, and jewelry out of sight. You might want to also hide the chargers for these items too – which when left out can be clues that other valuables are nearby.

4 – Watch For Scams

You would hate to think that people are out to scam you when you are on vacation, but they are. It is best to purchase your Disney World tickets from Disney or another established, reputable ticket dealer like the American Automobile Association. Many unfortunate tourists have purchased ‘discount’ tickets from the little shacks that dot the roads around Disney, and later found that the tickets were no good. In addition, thieves will call Disney Resort hotel rooms, either asking for credit card information or trying to gain access to the room. Be on alert for these scams.

5 – Use Caution At Pools

Disney typically has trained lifeguards at its pools during hours of operations. That should give you peace of mind, but it should not allow you forget basic safety rules. Make sure that kids in the pool have a buddy, or that you are watching them even if there is a lifeguard on duty. And horse play around the pool can lead to tragic results, even when lifeguards are present.

A little common sense goes a long way.
A little common sense goes a long way.

6 – Obey The Rules

Disney is careful to set and enforce rules around their property. You have probably heard the “keep your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the car at all time” spiel many times. Disney also puts sign everywhere, including medical safety warnings for extreme attractions. It is important to pay attention to and follow these rules – they really are there for a reason.

Just Be Careful

A vacation to Disney World is almost always a very safe and fun experience. By following the safety tips above, you can increase your chances for a problem-free trip.

Do you think Disney World is a safe place?