Imagineer Career Second Chance

Would You Like A Second Chance To Become A Disney Imagineer?

Sometimes, as John Lennon once suggested, life is happens while you are busy planning. And all those great plans we have don’t exactly come to pass as we had hoped or expected.

Did you ever have a dream to work for Disney World? And not just any job, but one of the most prized jobs on the planet: A Disney Imagineer. You know, the people who get to dream up and build the most amazing attractions, shows, and experiences for Disney theme park guests.

Maybe that was your dream, but life got in the way. Perhaps you have the skills, desire, and drive, but because of circumstances beyond your control, you never reached your dream job. Well, you might have a second chance at your dream.

The Moment

The USA Network is creating a reality series called “The Moment.” It is about giving people who have the talent and ability to reach their dream job a second chance at getting it. They are looking for people who have the right skills and background to become a theme park designer (like an Imagineer), but never achieved their dream because life got in the way.

Is it your dream to become an Imagineer?
Is it your dream to become an Imagineer?

The show will connect an Imagineer-wanna-be with an industry expert and mentor for 10 days of preparations, leading up to an interview with an established company that could lead to them becoming a real theme park designer.

We don’t have word if the “established company” will be Disney, but even if it is not, this could be a great way to make your name known in the themed entertainment industry, get a real theme park design job, and possibly set you up for even greater things to come.

Sound Interesting?

If you would like this second chance at a theme park design dream job, check out the full sample episode on the show’s website. Then, send an e-mail to with your name (or the person you are nominating), your phone number, e-mail, city, state, and your story.

And if you end up becoming the next Disney Legend, remember our web site for sharing inside scoops about what is happening on your job!

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