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Rumor: Open Your Disney Resort Door Wirelessly?

New rumors are swirling that Disney will provide the ability for guests to use the Bluetooth technology in their MagicBands to open up their room without touching the MagicBand do the door lock.

The technology in the MagicBand will communicate with the door lock, and open it when guest are “in range” of their door.

Rumor: Wireless access to your Disney resort room?
Rumor: Wireless access to your Disney resort room?

It seems that the technology required to make this happen is already installed in the MagicBands and the door locks, at least for some resorts. Disney just hasn’t activated it yet.

Rumors suggest that the Polynesian or the Grand Floridan will be the first to get this feature.


In the past, some people have raised concerns that unlocking the door while in range (vs. requiring physical contact) could be a security risk. If someone is nearby your door when it unlocks, they could get into your room.

Unlocking your Disney resort door wirelessly: Good idea?