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Rumor: Could Annual Pay for FastPass be Coming to Disney World?

Florida could easily be considered the theme park capital of the world, and when one park does something it’s pretty common for surrounding parks to follow suit.

The newest thing to come to the Central Florida theme parks is a year-round Quick Queue at SeaWorld’s Busch Gardens Tampa. This $299 ticket upgrade allows park visitors unlimited access to their Quick Queue for the park’s 10 most popular rides for 365 days.

This might seem a little pricey especially considering that you can get the same perk for just $19.99 a day. However, it can go for as much as $99.99 in peak season. Prices typically hover around $69.99 and $79.99, which is still significantly more than the minimum $19.99. The target audience for this option is obviously annual pass-holders, and they would get a 10% discount (at a value of $29.99 lowering the cost to $269) if they already have an annual pass. This is still a pretty hefty bill.

Universal Orlando already has Universal Express for a daily fee, and Disneyland, on the other side of the country, offers a MaxPass for $10 a day or $75 a year for digital access. However, Disneyland MaxPassers are still limited by the rules of the FP system and they don’t get an advantage over other park guests beyond not having to physically go to the attraction to make a reservation.

Could Disney copy SeaWorld's Annual FastPass upsell?
Could Disney copy SeaWorld’s Annual FastPass upsell?

Could Disney World create an Annual Fast(er)Pass?

Disney World offers the FastPass+ system included with the cost of your ticket. This system allowed guests to make three attraction reservations up to 60 days in advance for those staying at one of the Disney resort hotels and 30 days early for off-property guests.

The $299 price tag at Busch Gardens might be a little much, but if it works, it might mean too much potential revenue for Disney World or Universal to ignore. However, the target market, annual passholders, already have all-access to the parks, so they might not care as much about FastPasses since they can just come back another time when the lines aren’t as long.

Disney hasn’t said anything about this possibility yet, but it could be a matter of time as Disney continues to look for ways to provide add-on services.

It’s hard to tell whether the current system would change to a pay-per-pass or whether a new system would be added allowing guests to pay for a faster FastPass.

What would you be willing to pay for an Annual FastPass?