Rock N Roller Coaster

Rock N Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

This coaster is located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. There’s actually another one at Disneyland Paris. You’ll find this attraction by the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in the Florida Park.

The roller coaster is a steel coaster and is enclosed. Aficionados will want to know that it can go from zero to 60 mph in just under 3 seconds. While that is fast, it is interesting to note that the Test Track attraction located in Epcot is actually the fastest ride in Disney World – it actually reaches 65 mpg. People who are sensitive to G forces, as experienced in a shuttle launch-style roller coaster, may not like the initial sensation of 4.5 Gs on this ride.

Before the Ride Experiences

Guess first enter a large building, with a large electric guitar on the front, and this building represents the recording studios as well as the offices of “G-Force Records.”  Visitors will see posters depicting real musical groups represented by Walt Disney Co. In a room which overlooks the recording area, a film is shown — showcasing Aerosmith finishing up recording sessions. Their manager ushers the band out as they make their way to perform a concert at the L.A. Forum. The band’s manager interacts with Steven Tyler who offers you, the visitors to the studio, backstage passes for the concert.  However, it is almost time for the concert, so you need to get there fast.  You exit the building and move to a parking structure. Here, you board a stretch limo with 24 seats for you ultra-fast trip to the concert.

Enter the attraction through the lobby of G Force Records.
Enter the attraction through the lobby of G Force Records.

Each stretch limo stops right in front of a tunnel entrance. Music plays as the limo launches forward, towards the tunnel, accelerating in just a few seconds to around 57 mph. A souvenir photo shot triggers at the start of the launch (which you can buy after the ride, of course).

During the ride, guests go through several inversions — a couple of rollovers and one corkscrew. The track is winding and represents a variety of Los Angeles highways. At the end of the ride, the stretch limo has arrived at Aerosmith’s backstage concert area. You exit the car onto a celebrity-red carpet.

Aficionados of roller coasters have described this one as smoother, less uncomfortable, and less jerky that other extreme but similar roller coasters. It truly is a smooth ride.  Haynes is a sponsor of this Disney Rock N Roller Coaster.

Rock N Roller Caster is a great thrill ride with speed and twists.
Rock N Roller Caster is a great thrill ride with speed and twists.
  • Aerosmith was the guest of honor at the opening party for the roller coaster in July of 1999.
  • The specially-invited guests arrived in stretch limos and took part in a large buffet & bar.
  • Guests at the grand opening rode the coaster alongside an Aerosmith member.
  • Each seat in the stretch limo has five speakers.  Aerosmith worked with Disney to help produce the special soundtrack just for the ride.
  • Songs heard by guests on the coaster contain new lyrics to already existing Aerosmith songs.
  • These songs vary according to which coaster train is in use, and can include Aerosmith classics like “Nine Lives,” “Love in an Elevator,” “Walk This Way,” “Young Lust,” “Dude (Looks Like a Lady),” and “Sweet Emotion.”  The music is timed to the ride and dramatically enhances the effect.
  • Hidden Mickeys

    Children love to search for the hidden Mickeys which are placed all over Disney World. On this ride, there is one on the bottom corner of the sound room chalkboard. Another is formed by wire and found on the floor of the preshow area. In the carpet of Studio C, kids may find hidden Mickeys in the carpet patterns. There are two on the right track as well as two in the mosaic tiles within the rotunda. On Steven Tyler’s poster outside, children will find Mickeys on his shirt as well as on Joe Perry’s medallion.

    Guest Policies

    • Service animals are not permitted on the ride.
    • Parents with young children can see a staffer about taking turns so they can experience the ride.
    • Riders need to be in good health, free from heart troubles, high blood pressure, any back problems, motion sickness, or any other conditions which may be aggravated by the ride.
    • Guests using a motorized scooter or wheelchair must transfer to the ride vehicle.
    • Pregnant woman should not take this ride.

    More Good Tips & Tidbits

    • FastPass is a good idea for this popular ride.  Get yours first thing and then enjoy other attractions in the studios while you wait for your appointed time.
    • Indoors and in the darkness, like Space Mountain is, this roller coaster is smoother and there’s the added excitement of pulsating music.
    • If you are a guest at one of the Disney resorts, you can experience this ride during your Extra Magic Hour. This is usually on Saturdays and Tuesdays, and means that it will be far less crowded. The ride is very loud, very dark, and very fast!
    • The roller coaster does have a “chicken exit”. If you’re in line right before you are about to board the ride, tell a cast member that you’ve changed your mind and you’ll be directed to the gift shop where you can wait for your other family members.
    • Riders must be 48 inches tall to enjoy this roller coaster.
    • The ride vehicles are low as you get in and out of them, but they are quite roomy. Larger guests will be accommodated quite easily.
    • Restrooms are nearby and in the plaza to the left of the building’s entrance.

    Smile And Buy Some Stuff

    Rock Around the Shop is located at the exit of this ride and it sells Aerosmith as well as Rock n Roller Coaster gifts and souvenirs. You can visit this location without going on the coaster, if you wish.

    If you had a photo taken during the ride that you want to pick up, then it’s available for purchase right here. You can get a discount coupon for four dollars off on this photo, if you also bought a photo at the Tower of Terror. Any purchases made in a Disney park, may be sent to the front of the park so you can pick them up as you exit, or they can also be sent back to your Disney resort hotel.

    If You’re in the Area

    After the amazing ride, if you’re hungry, there are several spots to grab a bite on Sunset Boulevard. Rosie’s All American Café has burgers, salads, and sandwiches. At Catalina Eddie’s you’ll find a drinks, salads, and pizza. If you want a snack, than Hollywood Scoops has great ice cream treats.