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Returning to Disney Again – Do Your Freinds Think You Are Crazy?

There is something about Disney that inspires a love and a loyalty that no other theme park or resort can match. Just what makes the entire experience so magical is difficult to describe, but here are a few of the things that make Walt Disney World unique and extraordinary.

The Variety

To begin with, it doesn’t hurt that there are enough things to do in Disney World to keep you entertained for years of repeat visits. It would take the average visitor quite a few encores to ride every ride, see every show, and visit every attraction at the resort. And even if only a fraction of those attractions appeal to an individual visitor, that individual visitor will still have plenty to choose from.

In the Magic Kingdom alone there are several different worlds in which visitors can immerse themselves. One is a world full of children’s fairy tales, another a world of romanticized adventure in far off places, directly from the pages of books. You can visit the sights and the thrill of the past, or enter the world of the future – at least, the future as Walt Disney imagined it.

It could take many visits just to check out all the different shows and attractions.
It could take many visits just to check out all the different shows and attractions.

Some of the other theme parks expand upon the themes in the Magic Kingdom realms. Visitors interested in technological innovation should be fascinated by Future World at Epcot, particularly Innoventions.  If the Jungle Cruise ride in Adventureland with its animatronic hippos and elephants sparked your sense of, well…adventure, then a visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom‘s Africa region, where you can spot the real thing, is clearly in order.

Of course, the other theme parks at Disney World go far beyond the ideas hinted at in the Magic Kingdom. Epcot is dedicated to celebrating human achievement, not just from a technological perspective, but by looking at the achievements of different cultures worldwide. To say that a visit to Germany Pavilion or Japan Pavilion is just like a trip to Europe or Asia is going a bit too far; however, the care with which Disney has constructed these pavilions does allow you to appreciate what a visit to each of the eleven countries might be like. The pavilions feature stunning replicas of each country’s art and architecture, along with restaurants serving delicious samples of the local cuisine. Epcot may be the closest that some of us ever get to countries such as Morocco or China, and it’s a great taste of a variety of fascinating cultures.

But wait, there’s more! animal lovers should make an extended visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, where quality exhibits featuring a variety of fascinating creatures is combined with other fun attractions such as the Expedition Everest rollercoaster and the Finding Nemo musical. Unique opportunities such as the Wild Africa Trek provide some of the best chances to spot wildlife up close of anywhere in the world – yes, the world. Lovers of the movies should be in paradise at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Sports fans may enjoy exploring the ESPN Wide World Of Sports Complex. On particularly hot days in the middle of the Florida summer, a visit to one of the two water parks at Disney World is a treat for anyone. There is great shopping, dining, and nightlife in Disney Springs. And if none of the above appeals to you, you can always kick back and relax at the pool or enjoy fine dining at one of the luxury resorts.

The Commitment and Detail

Disney has taken the concept of a theme park and pushed it to new heights. It’s not just that the Disney World creators put together a collection of attractions that all fit with the theme of their different parks and hotels – it’s that everything in those places fits with the theme. The attention to detail is incredible, and it’s the reason that a Disney park makes you feel as though you have truly entered another world.

The detail throughout Disney parks gives you new things to discover visit after visit.
The detail throughout Disney parks gives you new things to discover visit after visit.

From the architecture of the buildings to the design of the smallest details, right down to the trash cans, street paving, and sign posts, everything you see in a Disney theme park works toward creating a sense of authenticity. At the Italy Pavilion in Epcot, Disney searched far and wide for the correct marble to use in their replica of the Venetian Doge’s Palace. When they were unable to find the marble, they re-created the marble using fiberglass to achieve exactly the right appearance.

Cast members wear costumes at all times, and act out a character when necessary. When waiting in one of the long lines for which Disney is infamous, you can often keep yourself entertained by admiring the work that went in to making even the lines theme-appropriate. The corridors in which you wait for the Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain, or Hollywood Studio’s Star Tours, are designed to resemble space flight terminals, complete with safety announcements preparing you for your interplanetary journey.

The Hospitality

Walt Disney World likes to bill itself as the happiest place on earth. Whether or not that bold claim is true, the resort is almost certainly one of the most cheerful places in the world. Smiles are permanently affixed to the faces of Disney staff – or “cast members”, as they are more commonly referred to, no matter what part of the Disney park employs them.

Excellent customer service  is a hallmark of a visit to the Disney World resort. From the concierge who assists you at your resort hotel to the vendor who sells you a churro or a frozen banana, Disney places an emphasis on friendly and helpful service. The cast member in full Victorian dress on a hot day in summer may not feel very comfortable, but he or she is sure to give you a heartfelt smile. And it is often that friendly atmosphere alone – one that is hard to find these days – that bring people back time and time again.