Sea Raycer Boat Rental

Nine Answers about Renting a Sea Raycer at Disney World

Looking for something fast, fun, and different to do at Disney World? How about renting a boat, so you can tour the waterways of the World;  and how about getting a very special kind of boat – a two-seater, speedy Sea Raycer?

These Sea Raycer boats can be a fun way to spend a half hour, or more, on a relaxing day of your vacation. It’s also a good way to cool off.  However, you should always beware the intense Florida sun – you will get plenty of rays from the sky and from the reflection off the water.

Let’s look at nine questions and answers regarding Sea Raycer rentals.

1 – Where can I rent the Sea Raycers?

Depending on where your rent the racer, you will get to explore one of the different water ways around the Disney property.

Renting a Sea Raycer can provide you with unique perspectives of Disney World.
Renting a Sea Raycer can provide you with unique perspectives of Disney World.

To explore the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake near the Magic Kingdom, rent a boat from one of these locations:

To explore Crescent Lake, rent a boat from any of these locations:

To explore the Sassagoula River and the waters around Disney Springs, rent a boat from one of these locations:

2 – Who can rent them?

Anyone can rent these boats. You don’t have to pay for admission to a Disney theme park, and you don’t have to stay at a Disney Resort Hotel.

3 – How much does it cost?

  • $32 plus tax for 30 minutes
  • $40 plus tax for 45 minutes
  • $45 plus tax for 60 minutes

As you can see from the pricing, an extra 15 minutes that takes your time to a full hour is just $5 more. So the logical choices are probably to pick either 30 minutes or a full hour. (Pricing is subject to change, and it usually goes up.)

4 – What about safety?

Each passenger must wear a life vest, which Disney will provide. The Disney Cast Member will instruct you on the “no go” areas, such as near the resort marinas and boat docks, and the “no wake” areas, where you need to move slowly to avoid creating waves. Of course, be sure to avoid other watercraft – especially the other large boats that ferry guests around.

Disney has patrol boats which make sure that everyone follows the rules. If you don’t follow the rules, they will ask you to leave and you will not get a refund.

The patrol boats are also available to help if there is a mechanical or safety issue while you are out on the water. Just wave them down, and they are happy to help. Also, if the weather turns bad with lightning or heavy rain, the patrol boats will wave you in.

5 – What about driving?

Controlling and maneuvering the boats is easy. Use the steering wheel to, well, steer, and use the throttle to go faster or slower. Of course, there is no break on a boat, so plan to slow down well ahead of time when you need to come to a stop. Learning how to drive is very easy, and you are sure to pick it up quickly.

Boat drivers must be at least five feet tall, so that they can reach the pedal, and they must be at least 12 years old. At least one of the passengers must be 16 years or older and have a driver’s license. There is no minimum age for being in the boat, except that the life vest must fit properly.

6 – Is it hard to get in and out?

In order to get into and out of the boat, you will need to move from the boat dock (which may have a bit of sway) into the free-floating boat. This is definitely not wheelchair accessible and requires some strength and flexibility.

7 – Will I get wet?

Maybe. Since the boats are low to the water you might get an occasional splash or spray. You probably won’t get too wet.

8 – Are the boats fast?

Well, this depends on what you classify as fast. The Sea Raycers go about 22 miles per hour, which really isn’t that fast for a boat, but since they are small and low to the water, they might seem to go faster. Also, you can’t drive the boat at full speed for the entire trip, since many areas are posted for no wake. Some people have a theory that the boats may be faster early in the day, before the engine starts to take on water that will slow down the boat.  I’m not sure if that is true, but it does make some sense.

9 – What about my stuff?

Most of the docks have lockers where you can store your things. Since less weight will mean faster speeds, you won’t want to bring your brick collection along with you. You are welcome to bring your camera, which is probably a good idea since you will get some unique vantage points from the boat. However, be sure to protect your camera from water spray, and hold on to it tightly. You don’t want to watch it float down the bottom of the lake, taking all your vacation photos with it never to be seen again.

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