What could be more romantic than Cinderella Castle?

Six Ways to Propose at Disney World that Match your Style

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Perhaps the most romantic day of the year, it’s a day to show how much you love the one you love.

What better place is there to experience romance than Walt Disney World? Seriously, the place reeks of romance (in a good way).

Yes, you might think of screaming kids and overdosing on ice cream when you think about Disney World, but it is so much more than that. It’s a place where romance comes alive in its most iconic forms.

A huge medieval castle for the princess-to-be who lost her glass slipper? Check. Five-star dining that is second to none? Check. Beautiful gardens bursting with colorful flowers? Check.

Disney is a wondeful place for romance and proposals.
Disney is a wondeful place for romance and proposals.

If you have decided to pop the question, there is a way to do it at Disney. Whether you are looking to make a big production out of it, or just share a quiet moment together, you’ve got options that can match your style. Let’s look at six different styles to propose at Disney World:

1 – Quiet Proposal: World Showcase

If you are the quiet, romantic type, and you and your sweetie share a common appreciate of a specific culture, Epcot’s World Showcase might be the perfect place for you to pop the question. Imagine standing in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower in France and quietly basking in a “yes” with a glass of champagne. Listen to the sounds of the water lap up against the parked gondolas as your profess your love near Italy, or look out over the peaceful water beyond the beautiful Japanese gate just as the fireworks hit their finale.

Propose anywhere in the world at World Showcase.
Propose anywhere in the world at World Showcase.

2 – Breathtaking Proposal: Characters in Flight

Soar with your love to new heights by taking your snuggly bear up, up, up into the air on a tethered balloon ride. This is a popular way to see Disney World from a scenic 400 feet up in the air, so that you look out on the beautiful landscape and pop the question.

Soar into the air and pop the question.
Soar into the air and pop the question.

3 – Playful Proposal: Soarin’

If you and your better half are playful, consider asking for her hand in marriage while on your favorite ride. Wait for her favorite country in It’s A Small World, ask her to marry you while flying over London in Peter Pan’s Flight, or look over and tell her you love her as you glide over the orange fields of California in Soarin. You pick the ride from sentimental (PeopleMover anyone?) to wild (hold on to the ring tightly if you pick Test Track).

Propose on your favorite ride - why not?
Propose on your favorite ride – why not?

4 – Elegant Proposal: Victoria and Albert’s

For the couple with big plans for the future and a big budget to match, few dining experiences are more elegant, more refined, or more expensive than Victoria and Albert’s in Disney’s Grand Floridian. Enjoy your amuse-bouche (which is French for a really fancy, one-bit hors d’œuvre that starts the meal – I looked it up) while listening to the gentle melodies of a harp player. Enjoy an unforgettable meal with unparalleled service, and then get down on one knee as the bubbly comes out. Call the restaurant ahead of time, and bring them into the action, so they can help you pull off the perfect proposal.

5 – Artistic Proposal: Caricature Artist

Are you artistic, or just fun loving? Make a deal with a caricature artist in Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom, France in Epcot, or on Discovery Island at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Let them know you will becoming by later and have the artist sketch you and your sweetie in a drawing that both captures your features and also asks “will you marry me?”

6 – Princely Proposal: Cinderella’s Castle

What could be more elegant and romantic than Cinderella’s Castle, the place where every princess wants to live happily ever after? You can propose in the rose garden away from the crowds, or book the Cinderella’s Royal Table Glass Slipper Engagement Package. Disney will bring out a glass slipper on a bed of rose petals. A PhotoPass photographer will be on hand to capture the magical moment. Make a toast with non-alcoholic champagne, and cap off the evening with a white chocolate slipper desert. You have to make reservations in advance, but for a mere $300 you will look like a knight in shining armor.

What could be more romantic than Cinderella Castle?
What could be more romantic than Cinderella Castle?

Would you enjoy a wedding proposal at Disney World?