Top Five Places To Relax In The Magic Kingdom

When most of us go to Disney World, we have a laundry list of “must see” and “must do” items. We rush from attraction to attraction and we run from FastPass+ reservation to FastPass+ reservation.

With so much to see and do, and when paying such a high price to get in the door, we all want to get our money’s worth of fun.

But while seeing and doing is a natural part of a Disney World vacation, and most folks don’t go to Disney World to ‘sit around and do nothing,’ there are plenty of overlook opportunities to hang out and rest for a spell around Disney World.

Let’s look at five of the top places to take a few minutes to rest, relax, recharge, and watch the world go by at the Magic Kingdom:

1 – Tomorrowland Terrace Patio

The Tomorrowland Terrace (sometimes also referred to the Noodle Station) is normally open on a seasonal basis – meaning only when the parks are super crowded. And the terrace, which has a terrific view of Cinderella Castle, is often closed in the evenings for special ticketed events like Fireworks Dessert Parties. However, the covered patio can be a wonderful place to relax during the day, even if the restaurant itself isn’t open. Grab a chair and enjoy the view. Or stop by the nearby Casey’s Corner or Main Street USA Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, pick up a treat, and enjoy it on the patio.

2 – Tomorrowland Transit Authority

Who would have thought that the future was so relaxing?  I had hoped that by now all of our automated servants would be taking care of all our needs and we could just kick back. That hasn’t happened, but you can still enjoy a little downtime in the future.  The Tomorrowland Transit Authority, also known as the PeopleMover, is a simple ride around Tomorrowland, but it is still one of my favorites. It rarely has a long time and it’s a great way to sit down for 15 minutes or so and enjoy a little shade, a little peace, and a lot of fun as you see Tomorrowland glide by.

Take a break on the PeopleMover.
Take a break on the PeopleMover.

3 – Storybook Circus Terrace

Located between the Great Goofini roller coaster and Pete’s Silly Sideshow meet and greet, the Storybook Circus terrace provides a terrific place to relax. You normally don’t think of a circus as a place to unwind, but the upper terrace of the Storybook Land area of Fantasyland has a few snack stands, a few seating areas, and a bit of peace.

Have a seat under the shady tree.
Have a seat under the shady tree.

4 – Tangled Rest Area

The Tangled rest area, located between It’s A Small World and the Haunted Mansion, offers shaded seating areas around tables that invite you to sit for a spell and watch the world go by. This area is a terrific place to relax for a few minutes while your friends or family are using the expansive rest rooms.  It also one of the few places you are invited to recharge all your electronic gizmos using the publicly available electrical outlets. Fully charged phones and cameras – what could be more relaxing than that?

Pull up a barrel and sit for a while.
Pull up a barrel and sit for a while.

5- Tom Sawyer Island

An oldie but a goodie, Tom Sawyer Island takes you back to a different time and place. The dock provides a covered area with chairs that allow you to have a seat and look at the Rivers of America, the passing riverboats, and the walkways full of people in Liberty Square and Frontierland.

Where is your favorite place to relax in the Magic Kingdom?