Can You Pick Your Specific Room Type At Disney’s Art Of Animation Resort?

Disney’s Art of Animation resort is a value resort that is quite popular. It has a large food court called the Landscape of Flavors that serves an interesting mix of food items, including hamburgers, sandwiches, pizza, Mongolian dishes, and Indian dishes. The resort also boasts has the largest resort pool on Disney property – The Big Blue Pool – in addition to two other pools.

But perhaps the biggest draw for Art of Animation is the themes of the different wings of the resort. They are based on four very popular Disney-Pixar movies, including Cars, Finding Nemo, The Lion King and The Little Mermaid. Who wouldn’t want to stay in a room themed after one of their favorite movies?

And that raises the next natural question: Can you pick the specific type of room you would like to get when you make your reservation or prior to your arrival? Maybe your daughter just loves Ariel and desperately wants to stay in a Little Mermaid room. Or your son is a huge Cars fan.

Disney's Art Of Animation offers some great themes.
Disney’s Art of Animation offers some great themes.

When you make a reservation directly with Disney you can request a specific section.  However, generally speaking, you can’t get a guarantee for a specific room before arriving.

However, there are some angles to consider:

Standard vs. Suite

The Art of Animation Resort has both standard rooms and family suites. The family suites can accommodate up to six guests, and include a living room, a bedroom with a queen bed, a convertible table bed, and a sleeper sofa. You also get a kitchenette and two bathrooms. That’s plenty of room.

It is interesting to note that each of the four different themed wings (again they are Cars, Finding Nemo, The Lion King, and The Little Mermaid) do not have both standard rooms and family suites.

Instead, all the rooms in The Little Mermaid section are standard rooms. And all the rooms in the in the Cars, Finding Nemo, and Lion King sections are family suites.

So this means that if you have your heart set on staying in The Little Mermaid section, reserve a standard room and that is very likely what you will get.

In the same way, if you reserve a family suite, you will very likely not stay in The Little Mermaid section. With a family suite you will get a room in the Lion King, Finding Nemo, or Cars section.

Your Best Strategy

While there are still no guarantees, you can use your reservation for a standard room vs. a family suite to improve the odds of your getting into The Little Mermaid section. And remember to put in your request when you make a reservation. There are no guarantees, but if you ask, then at least you’ve got a chance.

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