Doofenslurper Drink

Fun Phineas And Ferb Food At The Fife And Drum (Photo)

Disney continues to offer up fun food choices throughout the resort. First there was LeFou’s Brew in the new Fantasyland section of the Magic Kingdom. Then came the $9 cupcake in a treasure chest at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Now we get a Phineas and Ferb drink and cookie in the World Showcase section of Epcot.

Slushy Drink

The Doofenslurper is a frozen drink. The drink takes its name from Dr. Doofenshmirtz, the hilarious evil scientist in the Phineas and Ferb animated show on the Disney Channel.

What’s In A Name

Some people posting on internet boards have argued that the drink should be called a Doofinator or a Doofensmirtz’s Slurpinator, since Dr. Doofenshmirtz loves to name his creations as “whatever-inators”. However, remember that according to the show naming conventions that an “inator” is a machine that creates or destroys. So the drink itself would not properly be called an “inator”. This means the Disney Cast Members are probably using a Slurpinator to create the Doofenslurper. Really, it all makes sense from a naming perspective.

The strawberry Doofenslurper served in a flask.
The strawberry Doofenslurper served in a flask.

Ok, I’ve got to admit that the title of this title wasn’t complete – the Doofenslurper is available not only at the Fife And Drum near the American Adventure, but also at Cool Post in the Africa Outpost and at Promenade Refreshments. I just couldn’t resist a headline with all those “F” sounds.

According to the Disney Parks blog, there are three flavors, each available at different locations:

  • Raspberry – available only at the Fife and Drum near the American Adventure
  • Strawberry – available at the Fife and Drum near the American Adventure and also at the Cool Post near the Africa Outpost
  • Lemonaid – available at the Cool Post near the Africa Outpost and also at the Promenade Refreshment

My Drinking Experience

When I ventured into World Showcase, the drink was not well advertised, although I have seen other pictures on the internet of sandwich boards advertising the drink.  Also, when I ordered my drink at the Fife and Drum I was offered all three flavor choices – even through the Disney blog reports that Lemonaid isn’t available at the Fife and Drum.

You can get the drink served in a souvenir plastic beaker (technically an Erlenmeyer flask) and topped with passion fruit sorbet foam for $9.50, or get the slush only for $3.99 without the passion fruit sorbet foam. I ordered the beaker (yes, I’m a sucker) and the passion fruit foam was very very foamy and quickly dissipated to the point that you didn’t really see it any more.  This was very different from the passion fruit foam on LeFou’s brew – which was much thicker and definitely stuck around.

The flavor of the drink itself was very good.  And like all slushy drinks it was very cold – you can’t drink it too fast or you will get a brain freeze.  Someday I’ll learn that lesson.

An interesting piece of trivia is that the flask is made by Whirley DrinkWorks! and you can even order your own flask directly from the manufacturer – but with a minimum order of 5,000.

Bonus Cookie

Disney is also offering a sugar cookie pop (a cookie on a stick) that has the edible face of Perry on the front. The cookie is $2.99. The cookie has a very crumbly texture – much like cornbread vs a cookie.

What do you think about the Doofenslurper?