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Orange County Task Force Says Temperature Checks And Masks Stay Through The Summer

There are various task forces and groups at different levels of government that are working to figure out when and how businesses can restart.  The state of Florida has a task force, but so does Orange County, which is home to most of Disney’s property.

Jerry Demings, Orange County’s Mayor, held the first meeting of a county-wide task force on Wednesday.  The task force includes both business and healthcare representatives.

Representatives from both the Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World Resort theme parks attended the meeting but didn’t comment during this first meeting.

Healthcare Perspective

The healthcare members suggested that masks, temperature checks, and additional cleaning procedures should continue throughout the summer.

Reports state that Dr. Scott Brady from AdventHealth, a major medical care and hospital system in Florida, made several points to the task force:

Pandemics occur in waves, and Coronavirus will also.  However, we don’t know when or how big the waves will be.  Still, Dr. Brady said he didn’t believe Central Florid would have any great spikes of cases in the future.

The Orange County task force is now meeting.
The Orange County task force is now meeting.

Dr. Brady suggested that everyone wear a face mask and that social distancing should continue.  Both measures have proven effective in preventing the spread of the disease.

Florida’s state-wide “Safer At Home” order is currently set to expire on April 30.  While Florida Governor DeSantis has asked the statewide group to develop a plan for reopening the state by April 24, there is no timeline yet for the work of Orange County’s group.

Are you OK with masks and temperature checks in Disney World?