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Disney World Opening Impacted: Orange County Mayor Issues Stay At Home Mandate Until April 9

Sources report that Mayor Jerry Demmings has ordered the 1.3 million residents of Orange County, Florida to stay at home starting at 11 pm on Thursday night, March 26 for two weeks, or until April 9.  The order is an attempt to flatten the curve of the Coronavirus spread.

Most of Disney World property is located in Orange County, although a bit of it is also located in Osceola County.

Experts expect that Osceola County, which is located south of Orange County, will create a similar order on Wednesday.

Orange County Rules

The order has exclusions for people traveling for essential business.  People will still be allowed to go to the grocery store or pharmacy, will be allowed on the streets, and will be allowed to exercise outside.

Businesses like gas stations, laundromats, hardware stores, liquor stores, repair shops, and construction sites are allowed to stay open.

The mayor said the order could be extended after its initial two weeks.

Orange Country residents will not be permitted to go to work (unless they provide essential services) or visit friends or family if there is no urgent need to do so.

Orange County has reported 50 cases of Coronavirus so far.

Orange County, home of Disney World, is ordering a stay at home order until April 9.
Orange County, home of Disney World, is ordering a stay at home order until April 9.

Disney World Impact

Since much of Disney property is located in Orange Country, as are many Disney Cast Members, it seems very likely this means that Disney World will not open until at least April 10 – if then.  This is later than the original April 1 opening date that Disney suggested when the parks first closed.

Note that this is not an official announcement from Disney on a change to their plans.  However, this order from the country government seems to make it all but impossible for Disney World to open on April 1 as originally discussed.

Surprised to see Orange County, home of Disney World, now on lockdown until April 9?