Mightning McQueens Racing Academy concept art

Opening Date Announced: Lightening McQueen’s Racing Academy

When Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show closed, it seemed like Disney’s Hollywood Studios was missing some fun related to cars. The Stunt Show demonstrated how high-speed race sequences were filmed, was a lot of fun. While the area that used to be this attraction was swallowed by up the construction of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the missing “cars” link will be added nearby at Sunset Showcase near Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster.

Lightening McQueen’s Racing Academy will open on March 31st, 2019 months ahead of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Lightening McQueen Racing Academy will open in Disney's Hollywood Studios on Mars 31st, 2019!
Lightening McQueen Racing Academy will open in Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Mars 31st, 2019!

The new attraction will feature a gigantic wrap-around screen that is nearly two stories tall and more than 200 feet long, which will function as McQueen’s state of the art racing simulator. McQueen will share his story and teach rookie racers how to be great just like him. He’ll take you inside the world of Pixar’s Cars movies, and you’ll be face to face with the racing legend, Lightening McQueen himself! You’ll even get to see some of his cheering section including Tow Mater.

After the show, you’ll have the opportunity to meet ant greet and even get a picture with Cruz Ramirez outside of the Academy!

Lightening McQueen’s Racing Academy opens March 31.  Will you see it?