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No More Free Grocery Delivery at Disney World Hotels

If you’ve visited a hotel recently, you may have noticed that many guests are using Amazon Prime Grocery Delivery or other such services. These services didn’t even exist a few years ago, and now they are being widely used.

So how does it work? Guests place an order, and it’s delivered within just a few hours! The problem is that the front desks of the Disney resort hotels are now fielding more deliveries than ever, which requires more Cast Member-power than ever before.

Disney needs to compensate somehow, so they’re now charging a $6.00 handling fee per order.

Disney now charges a $6 fee to receive a package for you at a resort hotel.
Disney now charges a $6 fee to receive a package for you at a resort hotel.

Disney says on their website: “Guests staying at Walt Disney World Resort hotels can receive mail throughout their stay… If you intend to receive mail during your vacation, be sure the letter or package (1) includes the mailing address of your Disney Resort Hotel and (2) clearly features the word “Guest” on the front and the date of your arrival. Please note that a $6 per package handling fee will apply to all packages that are received through the Front Desk or are delivered to your Disney Resort Hotel room.”

This new fee went into effect April 1st, 2019. If you think this is bad, it’s worth noting that prior to April 1st, there was a $5 handling fee on any packages received at the front desk. Now, groceries are also considered packages. Still, it might be worth paying the $6 to save space in your luggage (goodbye, diapers!) or saving money on breakfast (hello, cereal and milk!) instead of heading to the food court every morning.

For now, it appears that the only way to avoid this fee is to retrieve your grocery delivery or package from the lobby or front of your hotel yourself, directly from the delivery person, so Cast Members never have to intercept the package.  That may be a bit of a hassle spending your vacation time waiting for a delivery to just save $6.

Disney’s $6 for resort package delivery: worth it?