Nine Things You Should Remember to Take to Disney World

Many people like to travel light on their vacations. I am one of them. If there is any way that I can avoid checking bags on the airplane, I will do it.

However, there are a few extra things that you will want to take along on your Disney vacation. Many of them won’t take up much space, and all of them can help make your vacation more efficient and enjoyable.

Here are nine things you should consider taking along on your next trip to Walt Disney World:

1 – Zip Top Bags

It is amazing how many uses you will find for an assortment of new, clean, zip lock baggies in different sizes. They are an easy way to store extra food so that you can take it back to your hotel room and enjoy it as a snack later (or even another meal given how big portion sizes are sometimes). They are terrific for storing your electronics, wallet, purse, or even shoes when you go on a water ride where you might get wet, and they are great for storing extra toiletries for the flight home, providing a good layer of protection in case anything leaks. The best part is that they don’t take up much space, they are very light, and any extras you don’t use on your trip are easy to take back home and use again back in the real world.

Without a charger, your phone is no good to you.
Without a charger, your phone is no good to you.

2 – External Battery Pack Chargers

From phones to cameras to walkie-talkies, we are dependent on our electronic gizmos as much on vacation as when we are at home, but just like at home, all these helpful items become useless bricks if they aren’t charged up. Fortunately, you can bring along a portable charger like the Anker “Lipstick” Size External Battery Pack Charger, so that even when the power on your device runs out, you can still charge it up without being tied to an electric outlet.

3 – Camera

Many people have gotten so used to the convenience of having a camera on their phone that they actually forget to bring along their real camera, whether it’s a point and shoot or a more advanced DSLR model. If you do have a camera, and if you enjoy photography at all, remember to bring your camera. Yes, it is one extra thing to haul along with you and keep track of, but Disney World truly offers a world of photography options. Even some of the simpler point and shoot cameras will do a better job than the camera on your phone for capturing your memories in difficult shooting situations like those with low light or lots of action.

4 – Memory Cards

While our cameras and phones can capture memories, they still are limited to the amount of storage in the unit at one time. With so many more people capturing video, which takes up multiple times the amount of storage space as a picture, it is easy to run out of storage. Fortunately, additional memory cards are relatively inexpensive and small.  They are also easy to buy and carry around. Be sure to number the cards with a pen so that you know which ones you have used and which are still open, and if you’ve brought your laptop computer or expandable tablet along, be sure to make a copy of photos and movies from the cards each night. It’s always wise to have a backup.

5 – Two Pairs Of Shoes

Most people remember to bring comfortable walking shoes to Disney World – although occasionally you will see a crazy lady or two walking around Epcot wearing heels, but you might want to bring not just one but two pairs of shoes. Why? If one pair gets wet (hello Kali River Rapids and Florida mid-day rain storms), then you don’t want to spend the next day or more walking around in soggy shoes. Also, if one pair of shoes starts to rub your feet the wrong way, you will be able to switch to the other pair of shoes which might be more comfortable for your feet. Finally, giving your shoes a chance to “have a day off” and air out can make sure that don’t start to get stinky.

Bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes with you.
Bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes with you.

6 – Extension Cord

A great tip is to bring along an extension cord so that you have more options on where to lay all your electronic gizmos that you charge each night, and so that you have additional outlets to use.

7 – Hand Sanitizer

With tens of thousands of people touching the door knobs, hand rails, and everything else that is nailed down at Disney World, there are plenty of places for germs to have their own vacations. Since you don’t want those germs ruining your vacation, bring along the small travel sized bottles of hand sanitizer. Be sure to use it throughout the day, especially before meals, and don’t forget to use it before those on-the-run snacks.

8 – First Aid Stuff

You don’t need to bring along your full medicine cabinet, but a small supply of band aids, moleskin, and aspirin will make sure you are prepared for those little medical issues that might come up.

9 – Sun Block

Many folks don’t realize just how intense the sun is in Florida even in the winter. If you will be outside during the day at all, be sure to wear plenty of sun block, and put on a fresh coat every few hours or as directed by the instructions on the bottle. There are few things more miserable than sunburn on your vacation. Don’t take chances with your vacation or with the long term health of your skin.

What are the most important things you take to Disney World?