Photo credits (C) Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo credits (C) Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved

New Ice Cream Coming To Disney Springs In 2022: Salt And Straw

Disney Springs will get a new ice cream shop in 2020.

Salt & Straw is a popular ice cream company that currently has a location at Downtown Disney in Disneyland, as well as locations in Portland, Los Angeles, San Diego, the Bay Area, the Seattle Area, and (interestingly for a very west coast company), Miami.

The company is known for creating unique ice cream flavors inspired by holidays, cereal, and even children’s book authors.

Here is the information from today’s press release:

America’s favorite artisan ice cream company, Salt & Straw, expands its presence to the “Most Magical Place on Earth” with the debut of its scoop shop at Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort next year. This location marks the third location in Florida, and the 27th location nationwide.

Salt & Straw is a family-run company founded by cousins Kim and Tyler Malek. Born in Portland, OR in 2011, 2021 marks Salt & Straw’s 10-year anniversary. Best known for its cult-favorite ice cream, Salt & Straw offers innovative, taste-provoking flavors that connect fans to food narratives and provide ongoing taste adventures. Salt & Straw presently has scoop shops in Portland, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay area, San Diego, Seattle, Miami, and the Downtown Disney® District in Anaheim, California.

“It’s a dream come true for our little Portland, Oregon ice cream company to have the opportunity to expand our relationship with Disney and open at Disney Springs next year. We love to use ice cream to remix flavors you already know and love while exploring food trends, social issues and small, local makers. It’s so exciting to bring our unique combination of comfort and adventure to the big stage at Disney World,” shares CEO and co-founder Kim Malek.

Looking forward to more ice cream options at Disney Springs?