Good Bye Bistro de Paris

New Food Option Coming To France Pavilion In Epcot

Did you ever have a chance to eat at Bistro de Paris, the fancy French restaurant located upstairs in the French Pavilion in Epcot? It featured waiters in tuxedos and fine white table cloths. Some people would dress up in fine clothes, and I once enjoyed an amazing flight of Grand Marnier (the oh-so-delicious orange-flavored brandy liqueur), including one that was 100 years old. Then you think of the phrase “Fine French Dining”, Bistro de Paris came to mind.

Au Revoir Bistro de Paris

For better or worse, Bistro de Paris is gone, as are the tuxedos and table cloths.

In December, the always-popular and always-busy Boulangerie Patisserie pastry shop will expand and move just a bit, so that it will be near the exit to the Impressions de France movie. It will include indoor seating for about 100 people. This is good to hear, since I’ve never gone to the pastry shop without seeing a line, and with only a few tables outside there weren’t many places to sit down and enjoy your delicious pastry. The new shop is scheduled to open in December.

The fancy atmosphere of Bistro de Paris is gone.
The fancy atmosphere of Bistro de Paris is gone.

The downstairs location that currently houses the pastry shop will change into an ice cream parlor. And what’s not to like about more ice cream?

Upstairs, a new French restaurant with a new menu, a new brighter look, and a new name will open.

Chefs de France Remains

Amidst all these changes, the also-popular Chefs de France sit-down restaurant, located on the ground level near the World Showcase promenade, will remain open and unchanged.