Mini-golfing at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World boasts many attractions and events, but one often overlooked option is mini-golf. With two locations with two 18-hole courses each, there is certainly fun to be had.

Fantasia Gardens

Fantasia Gardens Miniature-Golf course is themed based on Disney’s 1940 movie, Fantasia. Although both 18-hole courses are pretty difficult, they both have some fun family-friendly theming.

The easier of the two courses allows you to enjoy hippos with tutus, marching broomsticks, and dancing ostriches. The more challenging course resembles a traditional golf course on a miniature scale with sand traps and water hazards.

Fantasia Gardens is the more challenging of Disney World's Miniature Golf Courses.
Fantasia Gardens is the more challenging of Disney World’s Miniature Golf Courses.

Fantasia Gardens also doesn’t have much shade. Combine the lack of shade and the more difficult course, and this one might be difficult with young children who aren’t really into golfing.

If you want to give Fantasia Gardens a shot, you can get there via Disney Transportation and the Boardwalk area hotels. This course is about a 45 minute walk from EPCOT.

Winter Summerland

The story goes that Santa was flying back to the North Pole one Christmas Eve when he saw snow in Florida where he decided to establish a vacation destination where his elves could relax. Since some of his elves enjoyed summer while the others enjoyed winter, they created golf courses that would appeal to all.

The summer course includes beach and surf themes while the winter course hosts Squirty the Snowman who sprays golfers with water. Both courses combine for the last few holes, and Santa appears at the 18th hole for a special message.

Winter Summerland is the easier of the two Miniature Golf Courses at Walt Disney World.
Winter Summerland is the easier of the two Miniature Golf Courses at Walt Disney World.

Winter Summerland is also more family friendly not only in its theming but with shade and easier accessibility. Before 5pm, take the bus to Blizzard Beach, and Winter Summerland is right next door. After 5pm, or whenever the water park is closed, you can drive your own car, or you can take the 20-minute walk from Coronado Springs and the All-Star Resort area.

Magic Your Way Package

If you book your reservations through Disney and get a Magic Your Way Package, you will receive a nice gift voucher packet with two vouchers, which can be redeemed for a free game at either mini-golf course.

If you get the Magic Your Way water parks Fun and More package, the mini-golf courses are a “fun” option!

If neither of these apply to your vacation or you need to pay for additional players, the cost is $12 for children ages 3 to 9 and $14 for players 10 and older.

Both locations are open daily from 10 AM to 11 PM.

Do you like to mini-golf at Disney World?  Fantasia Gardens or Winter Summerland?