Merchandise Gift Services

Merchandise Gift Services – Your Key To Disney World Products From Home

Imagine this:  You are on a vacation at Walt Disney World and you see a terrific Disney item – something unique, that fits your style and needs, and is priced right (not necessarily a bargain, but you can deal with it).

You think to yourself that you want the item, but plan to purchase it later.  Then later never comes.  Soon you are back at home, and you wish you had purchased that special item.  Has that ever happened to you?

Merchandise Gift Services

Fortunately, Disney has an answer to this problem that many of us have faced.  It’s called the Walt Disney World Merchandise Gift Services department.  It is staffed with Disney Cast Members who will do their best to help you track down just about anything sold at Walt Disney World and ship it to your home.

Some items - like this retro Epcot t-shirt, are only for sale in stores on Disney World property.
Some items – like this retro Epcot t-shirt, are only for sale in stores on Disney World property.

Call Merchandise Gift Services Monday through Friday from 9am to 8pm Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5) toll-free at 877-560-6477.  Give them as much detail as you can regarding the item you would like to purchase.  The more details you provide the better chance the Cast Member can find it for you.  Let them know things like the park where you saw the item, the store where you saw it, a detailed description, and the approximate price.  All the details like that will help them track it down.  They will then search their database of merchandise to try to find the item.

The good news is that you will pay the same Disney retail price marked in the store for the item – there is no direct upcharge for using the service.

However, you will need to pay for shipping and handling based on the price of the item.  This could be as little as $10 for an inexpensive item shipped using ground transit domestically, or in upwards of $100 for an expensive item shipped via express air.  If you are ordering from outside the United States, you will need to pay an additional international shipping fee.

So this process isn’t necessarily cheap.  And the entire process can take 20 days or longer.  But at least it gives you an option for getting something you really want.

Note that the service won’t ship any food items, even packaged candy or uncooked Mickey Mouse pasta.

Tips For Finding The Merchandise Again

As mentioned above, it is important to have details about the item you would like to purchase.  The ultimate detail you can have, however, is the Stock Keeping Unit number, or SKU.  This is a unique number assigned to every piece of merchandise, and is normally written on the price tag.  If you see something in a store that you might want to purchase later, take a picture of both the item and the SKU and price sticker.  This will help you remember what you liked and give you a way to order it later if you decide to do so.

Service Becoming More Important

I think the work of Merchandise Gift Services will become increasingly important.  Just a few years ago the merchandise at Disney World was becoming increasingly generic – much of the stuff sold in the stores on Disney property was the same from one location to the next, and was very similar to what you could purchase anywhere else.  But recently Disney has stepped up its game with merchandise.  From merchandise that is specific to Disney Resorts to unique “themed to the land where they are sold” items that you can only find in stores like Bonjour Gifts, Disney World once again is providing great incentive to buy items at their on-property stores since you can only get these items at these stores.  Now, if you miss your opportunity when you are at Disney World, you have a second chance to get your Disney treasures from home.

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