Tomorrowland Transit Authority - PeopleMover - moving walkway

This year marks the fifth annual March Magic competition that pits eight of Disney World’s attractions against each other to see who will come out on top.


This years competitors include:

Guess who won this year's bracket - again?
Guess who won this year’s bracket – again?

Returning Champion

The Tomorrowland Movers return this year to defend their title against seven new teams representing all of the theme parks and the most iconic transportation system, the monorail.


On March 20th, 2017, the competition kicked off with The Movers V the Freezers. The Movers move on to defend their title.

March 21st saw another fierce matchup between two very patriotic attractions: The Harmonizers V The Liberty Belles, but The Harmonizers sang right to the Fantasy Four.

On March 22nd, The Monorailers took on The Hecklers, and the classic monorail attraction prevailed.

March 23rd saw another fierce competition between The Iguanodons and The Explorers. The Explorers overcame The Iguanadons.

The Fantasy Four trials started on March 27th with The Explorers and The Movers going head to head. The Movers pushed forward though.

The next matchup was on March 29th between The Monorailers and The Harmonizers, and The Monorailers zoomed ahead!

Ironically, the final challenge came down to The Monorailers and The Movers, Disney’s two signature transportation systems, on April 2nd. The Tomorrowland Movers remain the reigning champions!


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Did you follow the Disney version of March Magic brackets?  Agree with the winner?